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Interior Design | See How Paint Transformed This Main Floor!

In this dramatic makeover, a fresh coat of paint gives a dated house with great bones new life. See how designer Olivia Botrie of Dart Studio used a modern color palette to bring the existing custom millwork, cabinets and fireplace into the 21st century.

In the kitchen, black lower cabinets and white uppers re-energized the space for a fresh, youthful vibe. In the living room, the original fireplace mantel was updated with white paint, a new marble surround and a herringbone hearth. Black walls and white millwork create contrast in the dining room.


Design, Dart Studio

FRONT ENTRY: Beija Rubber Floor Mat, Home Smith; Custom Stair runner, Allan Rug; Custom Lumbar Pillow, Tonic Living

LIVINGROOM: Pink velvet chair, table lamp on writing desk, West Elm; Black side table, CB2; Fireplace Hearth Tile, Cera Gres; Fireplace Surround, Solid Stone; Area Rug, ECarpet Gallery; Remi Writing Desk, Fernando Accent Table, Crate and Barrel; Coffee Table, Henshaw Cabinet, Side table, Elte MKT; Inked Floral Art Prints, Homesmith; Vintage Grey Console, Burnett; Arm Chairs, Rowe Furniture; Custom Drapes, TEB Interiors; Pink Throw Cushions, Green Velvet Lumbar Pillow, Tonic Living

DINING ROOM: Roman Blinds, TEB Interiors; Custom Art Landscape Paintings, Victoria Day Art Management; Wood Frames, Frame it on Bloor; Dining Chairs, Structube; Vintage Dining Table, The Singing Lady Consignment; Foot Stool Upholstery, Good Hart Furniture

KITCHEN: Prints, Etsy; Custom Banquette, Joe Nigrini; Table, Ikea; Chairs, Vintage; Faucet, Wayfair; Rug, ecarpet gallery; Roman Blind & Banquette Upohlstery, TEB Interiors; Sink & Faucet, Wayfair; Backsplash, Ciot; Countertop, Solid Stone; Hardware, Upper Canada Specialty Hardware

FAMILY ROOM: Ottoman, Tonic Living; Wall Sconce, Rejuvenation; Mirror, CB2; T-pulls Hardware, Upper Canada Specialty Hardware; Bench, Wayfair

BREAKFAST ROOM: Picture Frames, West Elm; Kitchen Table, Ikea; Custom Banquette Cushion, TEB Interiors; Shelby Mod Pendant, Schoolhouse Electric.

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  1. Willi Kampmann

    Looks … fine. Really generic, but fine.

  2. why are gas stoves so common in the US? i dont understand… theyre so inconvinient plus harder to clean than electric ones

  3. Love the look of painted wood. More designers should opt for paint over tearing out perfectly good cabinets.

  4. I love the kitchen, but not the white subway tiles. I also am not in love with the white fireplace. Ironically, it makes the room look cold

  5. Beautiful Work!

  6. I have an aversion to pine, orange pine… ugh! But such wonderful wood to paint…😆

  7. My mother won’t let me paint teak wood . 😝😝 She says “you’re ruining the woods natural design”

  8. Candis Carnegie

    Love the remodel! Designer Olivia was cool too. She talked a little fast at times. Had to use CC, but eh, what are ya gonna do? She's a professional designer. Not a tv personality. Girl knows how to decorate a room.

  9. She is so hyper, I wish they keep the wood mantel, just to stain it dark instead of paint it white, too plain.

  10. Mary McReynolds

    gosh, this woman is a dynmite designer…only challenge is keeping up with her mile a minute narrative. Slow it down.

  11. Ngọc Nguyễn

    Did you speed up her speaking…?

  12. Why is every house on youtube grey and white these days? Come on ppl use other colours!!

  13. Fantastic makeover and the presenter comes across really well. One tiny bit of constructive criticism – please slow down your talking speed – I felt like you were in a race against time 😁

  14. Could you possibly talk a little bit faster?

  15. She talks too fast…makes me nervous!

  16. Can anyone please tell me the color of the gray/bluish kitchen cabinet color? Thanks.

  17. Bla-bla-bla

  18. She needs to slow down a bit…. hard to understand her

  19. Linda Pellinen

    love how it turned out – but the mirror above the fireplace has to go!

  20. I’ve watched until the end because I wanted to see how the red unicorn will blend into new renovated space but seemed like they get rid of it. 🦄

  21. Looks great. 🙂 I wouldnt block those living room doors with that huge couch though. I would have placed to accent chairs in front of them 🙂

  22. I love how fast she speaks lol

  23. Michelle Staunton

    I liked it better before ! I’m sick of the modern clinical look

  24. Michelle Staunton

    Rug in the kitchen not with four kids!

  25. I can't look at a subway tile wall/backsplash without out thinking about a dirty, grimy, noisy, subway which is used by transients as a urinal.

  26. I looked at the banquet dining, I'm already in love before clicking the video.

  27. I would love to see some layers textures uniqueness in some of the houses instead of the repeated patterns of white and grey. Design means creativity so show us some !

  28. Great work. I would just hold off on painting such a stunning fireplace and working some of that orange tone in. It's too much in kitchen cabinets but a small section would be fine to leave. Designers need to know when to leave things alone. Also gives suggestions to low budget/ no reno decorating.

  29. Angels Dynasty

    I prefer the kitchen the way was before the "makeover", a warm, classic and hommy kitchen. Now looks like restaurant's kitchen, cold and not inviting at all. About the backslash… I simply hate it.

  30. Beautifully African

    i think this might be one of my favourites. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  31. All What I Love

    So gorgeous! One of my faves!!! Well done! <3

  32. That dining room is gorgeous!!!

  33. Everything except the living room looked great.

  34. dian Iron Feather

    Yes, she does talk extremely fast, I presume so she can cover the entire renovation in X amount of time. It's still possible to realize she's using words she doesn't know how to pronounce. How the heck is that possible at her age?

  35. Anelise Is Free

    Visionary !!!

  36. Every home looks the same: paneling, white kitchen, white trim, tiled fireplace, that silly round white table. The only surprise is that not every wall was painted white.

  37. Eduardo Ramirez Jr

    Simply beautiful.

  38. Grace Waszkiewicz

    Well – it is trendy but not original. Most designers use those colours and furniture placements.

  39. Absolutely gorgeous.. ✌
    But if you speak slower it would be great..Your toungue behaves like a fish being caught and thrown to land..

  40. bashora ibrahim

    I had to slow the video she's s o fast lol

  41. Mayra Fernandez

    Great Job! Looks fantastic

  42. candiceRenae Vintage and Thrifted Fashion Stylist


  43. I find it great! Very well done.

  44. marlene mcmillan

    Nice..no lack of money

  45. Woah hold it, why is everyone painting things gray these days?, its everywhere you go — exterior paint on houses, hotels, cafes, pubs, walls on the inside, kitchen cabinets, chairs have to be gray. I like the seating area of the kitchen in this one, but the old kitchen was nicer, and the sitting room was as i just said, gray. That is one of the most boring and dull sitting rooms I've ever seen. STOP PAINTING EVERYTHING GRAY.

  46. Amanda Bradley

    Absolutely stunning….and yep….I’d paint all of that wood too!

  47. The sofa blocks the view, I would have flipped the sofa and chairs. The custom painting in the dining room look cheap

  48. Did she say 80s…lol