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Interior Design Plans for my DREAM HOME! (Modern Farmhouse Style)

Hey guys! I just got back from the builder’s design center, and today I’m showing you all the interior features I chose for my dream home.

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  1. I don’t know howwww I missed this! Thank you YouTube for making sure I don’t miss a single Raven vid. I’m living for the home videos, Ray. Getting so much inspo for my new house in LA! (Though you know it’s only a sliver the size of yours- LA house prices got me be allll the wayyy trippin). Love the vid! 💛

  2. Wow this so inspirational😍 you go girl so young with such a motivating spirit💕💕

  3. Can’t wait to see the finished result!!

  4. Me *watches all ads to help you pay for it😂😩💜 love these vids, so interesting, I love seeing other ppl getting so into interior design as me!!

  5. Some of these "upgrades" are such bull shit? Like tile instead of hardwood flooring is cheaper and easier to maintain and install. So your paying more for something that is overall costing them less so they're making a lot more money off you on it. I still love you and your videos I just have a lot of problems with the company and prices

  6. It’s gonna be so much more exciting when it starts construction!!!!! I work in new home sales for a builder like yours so I love the process!! Did you select the soft close cabinets and doors?? More than just a fancy cool feature but it upgrades the construction and quality of the cabinet drawers. All the best!!! Can’t wait to see it come together girl!!

  7. I’m happy for you! I kept looking at your dang fingers lol

  8. galaxyraindrops 17

    We always had plants in my kitchen on the cabinets in that gap. They were fake, of course but they looked really nice. If you get ivy like ones, then they could even drape over the top of the cabinets a little bit. It was really pretty

  9. Your new house is going to be so pretty I really like your taste and style❤️😍

  10. I can’t wait to see your home

  11. This is my exact style!! I thought I was weird and the only one lol great minds

  12. Excited for you!!!

  13. I really like the options you chose . How many bathrooms are you going to have? I like brush nickel too I chose that for my bathroom.

  14. I'm not tryna to be rude, but why do you need a big house for? It's litteraly only you and Ziya. Be grateful that you are ABLE to have a house to live in. Some people have bigger families that can't even fit in their house, and you have a big house only for you and Ziya. unsubscribed

  15. mahaylah Heimamsohn

    I love cardi b

  16. Cassondra Jimenez

    The added costs for the fire place and the vent over the stove.. definitely worth it!!!

  17. i love this hair on you tooooooo

  18. Your videos are super quality and lit, you deserve everything you're making and getting. We stan a boss

  19. Love your picks!! Modern farmhouse is definitely my jam. Accented with a little boho eccentric ness lol

  20. White white white lol I love white it’s just so clean looking!

  21. Remember just living in your city loft and only owning a couch your computer desk and bed you still have in your townhouse. I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU RAVEN. You will always be RAYBABYRAY to me 💕💕💕

  22. We are working on baby #2, so ready to buy our first home before baby gets here. I love these vids. Stay blessed and enjoy this journey, it seems SO fun and bit frustrating at times I'm sure.

  23. There’s so much thought you put into this home & im soo proud that you are letting us in on the details! So happy you’re able to do this for you & Ziya❤️ can NOT wait to see the finish product!!

  24. I know I’m late, but why not have the upper cabinets all the same? You said that you will do a few diy projects around the house. The cabinets will look fine without the glass especially with the crown molding. You can style them and then diy the glass later.

  25. Can’t wait!

  26. I wanted to say, you plan to have your little girl stay on the second floor of your home by herself? She is so young to be upstairs by herself. What if she gets sick in the night and you have to travel upstairs to deal with it, well if you hear her. Are you planning to have a baby monitor in her room? I have children and when my little one were young, we didn't have then upstairs away from us so far. Doesn't mean you can't do it obviously you are planning to but have you thought about your child being alone upstairs by herself? And the adjustment she will need to go through in feeling comfortable and happy in her new space as well.

  27. Do you guys know what program she uses to edit her videos? xx

  28. New subbie 🙋🏼‍♀️ in love with your channel!! 💜💜💜

  29. Alexandra Hargrove

    I can't wait to build my first home 😍

  30. I’m so ready to see everything come together! So happy for you Raven!

  31. 😊

  32. Everything is an upgrade. I am sure they are tricky. How do they only have one colour of carpet?!

  33. What did you go to school for!? I hope it was interior design. You sound like you have a true passion for it!

  34. Love the powder room floor….Make sure they lleave you some extra files for any future floor problems….Love the style

  35. You got good taste, can’t wait to see it at the end!

  36. girl im way too indecisive i would die making all those choices lol

  37. hi I want to pay your bills so I’ll spam

  38. hi I want to pay your bills so I’ll spam

  39. hi I want to pay your bills so I’ll spam

  40. hi I want to pay your bills so I’ll spam

  41. Raven. You have such a talent for explaining things so well, with such detail. I really enjoy listening to you. In my head you are like a family member. I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished at your young age. The house is going to beautiful. I can't wait to see the end result. Not sure I would do carpet in the beauty room though, because of makeup spills, hair, etc. Also, regular flooring will make that room a lot lighter, and brighter, for filming etc.. Anyway, great job Raven!! You're the best. 🏠🔧🔨❤️️❤️️

  42. This makeup tho!