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Interior Design — Pared-Down Minimalist House

Homeowner Wendy Davis shares a look inside her architecturally important Toronto home with cool, modern style. Originally designed by starchitect Barton Myers, who worked on the Art Gallery of Ontario’s 1993 expansion, the Yorkville house was brought up to date while preserving its original character by Jodi and Andrew Batay-Csorba, who studied under Myers at UCLA. Wendy further modernized the space with her minimalist style, using her curated art collection and pieces she picked up while travelling to bring personality to the light-filled, 4,000-square-foot home.

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  1. Thank you House & Home.  Thank you to the homeowners.  This is truly how to do minimalism right.

  2. Billelkolea Billel Kolea

    Chic 😊la vie est belle 😇😇😇

  3. Beautiful home, but 4000 square feet is hardly minimalist.

  4. This didn't have anything to do with minimalism. If it's just bare and white and empty, it's not minimalism.

  5. "Minimalist"

  6. Cooooooool!

  7. Drink Coffee, Ride Bikes.

    Minimalist living in 4,000 sq ft. Talk about oxymoron.

  8. 4000sqft?you rich

  9. Wall arts are good but it can be better. Check this out


  10. 1:06 Omg i love these bulbs😍. But i could not kind a feel minimalism in this home :D. By the way i found a unique piece of bulbs that lights like a real flame!! Got 2 of them and placed inside my lamp-shades. If anyone interested check this site https://wantthemall.com/products/led-flame-effect-light-bulb Let me know what do you think?

  11. when you have to fill your space with furniture that is not absolutely bare-bone essential, it's not minimalist. nice view though.

  12. 4,000 sq ft minimalists — NOT!

  13. Well done!

  14. is not bad design . but not the minimalist design . search youtube have lots of style in minimal elements in their room makeover .

  15. I love it. I live in a townhouse of 4 floors and my home is minimal as yours and yes it's true, it doesn't appeal to others but I love it and to me it's a relaxing warm home. Can you tell me where you got to pastel prints in your dining room I believe ?

  16. Beautiful views, but I've never cared much for modern architecture. To me, this was a very cold, unwelcoming home. (And I don't really know much about minimalist style, but this didn't strike me a minimalist, more like people who don't like clutter and want the few art pieces they have to be showcased without distraction. Especially with that long line of bottles up on the high shelf. It just didn't feel quite right..I can't really explain it, more of a feeling about it, it just doesn't feel quite right. I've seen some minimalist homes and they felt very welcoming despite not having tons of stuff)

  17. i believe that is not minimalist

  18. Beautiful

  19. Lovely home, what caught my attention was the waterfall counter top, great job…Happy Holidays 😂

  20. As a minimalist, I agree that you've nailed it. Not at all boring; quite entertaining.