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Interior Design – One Dining Room, Two Different Wall Colors

H&H’s Lauren Petroff takes on the Sherwin-Williams paint challenge and comes up with one dining room look that works with two different paint colors – a rich red and a dark blue. See how these opposite shades completely change the vibe of the space.

Lauren’s dining room set up features a black industrial-country table, vibrant blue chairs, an upholstered end chair with natural wooden legs, and an oversize white pendant lamp. The Rembrandt Ruby wall is very punchy and energetic against the contrasting colors and textures used – and makes for an excellent accent color while still being classic. Tempe Star, on the other hand, exudes a calm and serene vibe that comes from the mix of blue tones.

Which bold color scheme do you love most? Vote for your favourite look on Instagram!

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  1. the red room looks like shit

  2. I like the red

  3. Meh

  4. I wanna know what’s this blue colors name? Red- rembrandt ruby ,,Blue-??????

  5. I like the blue one.

  6. Blue is better

  7. love it

  8. Prefer the blue , the other really doesn't match

  9. i want a woman like this. elegant taste.

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  11. Blue but not the chairs. looked good with red wall.

  12. Cool video ty!!!

  13. Doing good my living room a similar red. And my bedroom the blue-gray. Can't wait! First home. Moving in April 8th!!!😀

  14. I like the red one, the blue is soothing/put together but I love that the red uses different colour techniques, matchy matchy is boring! Would have loved to see a splash of yellow or orange in there somewhere just to push it further…

  15. Those blue chairs with that red paint is just ugly

  16. Too many of the designers use verbal frying and up speaking. Please work on that House and Home!

  17. Sorry to join some others to say Ms. Petroff's voice is grating to the ear.  It's because of the dying fall at the end of every, every sentence, not to mention the schoolgirlish tone she uses–too metallic.  See a voice coach or just put more voice equality into the last few words.  Then she'll present beautifully.

  18. I like the first one 🙂
    I think secretly I like dramatic / contrast
    colors – the first home we owned, I had the main living areas' ceiling painted in black & the wall in white, while all door frames in black with all doors white. A lot of people didn't believe it would look good, but when they visited us, they couldn't believe how well put it became 😀

  19. The blue color looks better.

  20. Can't take her voice..

  21. the vocal fry is killing me

  22. Just really saw this as advertisement:/

  23. It actually would have been good to see that setup with most of the colours on the wheel.

  24. I like the second