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Interior Design — On-Trend New Traditional Home

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, see how designer Silvana D’addazio’s home embodies some of the key trends of 2014. Suzanne Dimma calls out the quality details that make the interior feel light, fresh and airy. Discover how a chinoiserie-style mural, built-in screens, textured walls and exotic carpets create impact.

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  1. Fotograma ibarra garcia


  2. …. Exotic? Far from it…

  3. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! But this is not a style to mix husbands, kids etc. in….just a single, vibrantly classic 'southern? perhaps' debutant who's got an extended family of friends and admirers!

  4. There is too much pattern going on in the limited space. Sometimes less is more, sorry.

  5. One word , yuck.

  6. Loved the mural over the fireplace, the white-framed kitchen cabinet doors, & colored subway tiles. All very subtle and pleasant.

  7. This house looks like what you shouldn't do. That living room was something out of the 80s.

  8. Decorative moldings from plaster


  9. A couple things I liked, but overall I did not care for it.

  10. did she find ALL the ugliest things in the store and put it in her house? this was awful…sorry not a fan of this home!

  11. this house is gey

  12. Beautiful! Love this warm, feminine and comfortable style.

  13. love this, beautifully cozy and homey

  14. Love the colours, love the couch. A little busy in places for my personal taste, but I don't live there. =)

  15. The c shaped couch looks like it would be amazing for lounging and reading a book, or chatting with a friend, but it looks like it would be incredibly awkward to find a place for everyone's legs if there were more than 3 people sitting there.

  16. i love it esp the living room

  17. Love! Eclectic but warm and traditional. 😀

  18. That sofa is so cozy looking! Where can I get it?

  19. Not a fan – sorry but I thought the styling was shockingly baaaaaaad

  20. I am loving the seating arrangement of the living room. 

  21. ME-Tube Your Space!

    The only room that stood out is the bathroom.  Otherwise, everything else has the same usual feel and style.

  22. the only thing i dont like are the lavender pollows..

  23. Classic and beautiful.