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Interior Design – Must-See Entryway Makeover With Paint

A dull front hall gets a fresh update with paint! Stylist Reiko Caron shares quick and easy tips on how to make a front entryway pop.

Reiko instantly updated the space by painting the interior of the front door with Sherwin-Williams Refuge (SW 6228) — a grey-blue that’s traditional with a hint of country. The casual, laid-back shade brightened the space. Reiko also painted a large console table in Sherwin-Williams Nugget (SW 6697) — a sunny citrus hue — for a vibrant accent. An Aztec-inspired runner, greenery and a large painting completes the look.

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  1. What a beautiful transformation! Love the door colour!

  2. I like the color palette. All soothing colors with a pop of yellow. Good job!

  3. Nice entry way, love the bright colors! I would have left the original bench and painted it yellow and maybe added a cushion for seating to remove shoes etc.

  4. It was the yellow console table that made this work.

  5. Don't understand why one would accentuate a door in such a small space, monocramati seemed
    more pleasing to the eye, what would I know, only been designing for 50 plus yrs, hehe

  6. محمود صلاح الدين

    Wow, so nice.

  7. I liked the before better!

  8. the wandering saint

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  9. The Before looked much better than the After, in my opinion.

  10. What is the basket with umbrella

  11. Love it

  12. R u libra or a Virgo?

  13. So much better wow what color can do

  14. For The Love Of KG

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!

  15. Love it but the black and white painting would have been gone for me

  16. The Singing Gardener

    I wish she would’ve left the bench in there to match the mirror and picked a lighter runner that wasn’t so dark! Add a couple of plants and pillows and that would’ve been perfect! The yellow console with the busy painting with the door and the boots and the dark stool and dark runner made this entry was WAY too busy!

  17. I love it actually.

  18. Definitely like the blue color on the door.

  19. Kasun Theekshana

    Love it❤

  20. This makes me so mad….all she had to do was throw some pilows on the bench paint the door dark blue color get rid of the little table and just place a floor lamp next to bench with one tree picture over the bench ….ugh

  21. Lifebee LifeBee

    Would you believe that my painter removed glued-on huge mirror in my bathroom, a 1991 builder grade fixture, before he painted the walls. he also removed a closet door, and everything else that was on the way of making painting job perfect. I would remove all the hardware before painting the door, it's my OCD speaking.

  22. marlene mcmillan

    Boots under the table and umbrellas…pointless

  23. I loved the table before the yellow!!! And the old lamp shoulda been left….her transformation looked tacky..the door painted was cool but should've left the table the distressed look..I CAN'T believe she ruined it with that yellow and tacky set up and painting…No! NOPE, NO!!!!

  24. Not sure I would have painted the table 🤨

  25. The entry looked fine before.

  26. I like it but I'm a sucker for old wooden benches, I miss it.

  27. Very nice mam

  28. Cassandra Amore

    Light blue is much better

  29. Lets face it, it was way better before if not broken do not fix it. İt is like weird ikea hack idea. if its white lets make it look like made out wood, if it is plain wood lets paint it white, ok why ? Just buy the one you want.

  30. You painted the door ? That is what you call a transformation ? okkkkkkk

  31. I thought the 1st shot was the finished work. I hope she retained the bench. It was more functional than the console table.