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Interior Design — Main Floor Makeover Of A Mid-Century Modern Bungalow

Designer Jackie Glass transformed a dated bungalow into a bright and open-concept space with a clean-lined aesthetic. (And large windows throughout that give the home a stunning treehouse effect!) The house welcomes with stunning porcelain tile in the entryway, which is also used on the fireplace surround in the sunken dining room. The kitchen is the hub of the home, boasting two islands, a breakfast nook and an intimate seating area. The garage was turned into a serene master bedroom with a spa-like ensuite. Jackie also installed a walk-in pantry and a laundry room with a dog shower.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/see-mid-century-modern-bungalow-makeover/


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  1. Great renovation, love the windows , nice touches like the dog shower and the Starbucks nook! ….and interesting to see a power couple sharing working spaces

  2. Took the mid-century right out of it. Such a shame. Just a typical modern.

  3. I love the house but the only problem is too many chairs😅

  4. Grace Waszkiewicz

    It is cold and has too many chairs. Actually, it is snobbish and looks like a generic expensive showhome, not a place you can cozy up..

  5. Looks more modern and contemporary.

  6. Shaurya Pratap Thakur

    That Stone Cladding Exterior was Classy & full of character & now just another white one with zero character…
    Inside- it's all white, hints of black & full of glass the end.
    It's like killing history, this renovation made me sad…

  7. Pasesi Interiors

    The implementation of floor-to-ceiling windows was a great touch, especially because I'm assuming one of the objectives was to brighten up the space. Great renovation!

  8. Amerul Al Rashid

    Not so good touch, its too naive design, i like before more than after, however its just my personal sincere opinion, pls dont mind me, hehe 😁

  9. Ugly ugly light fixtures. Just dreadful.

  10. I always wanted to know, how does one keep photo frames in a shower🚿 (or bathroom) without steam effecting the image, glass, or frame?

  11. Love this beautiful design.

  12. She's very rich !! 🤣😂

  13. I was born in 1951, so I grew up in MCM – hated it then; hate it now. But his place is just an abortion. Cold as ice and in no way cozy or inviting. Chacun a son gout.

  14. how many times does Jackie Glass say "beautiful" Ha ha ha

  15. Okay so clearly you're LOADED! Nice house though.

  16. The before sun room was so beautiful, cozy and warm with plants 2:24
    And the before exterior too. Now it’s just plain white.

  17. Sorry but prefer the before design she destroyed something like Frank Lloyd Wright to just another meh design

  18. Very beautiful….

  19. Absolutely amazing remodel, so much work but such a great result. A couple of questions, by adding a master in place of garage, what did you do for the cars ? park on the street. Adding a master to the front the house did it bring in street noise ? Where did you buy the furniture, great layout and designs,compliments the remodel really well. I think you thought through things well, are you a designer if not what tools did you to plan everything ?

  20. Something tells me this woman is a mid century interior hater like seriously the before style ia much more cozy and inviting than the after look.

  21. sorry, just can't do animals in the house . . .

  22. I love windows. But this house has too many big windows. Need some privacy.

  23. Luv it

  24. Am i the only weirdo who loved the before interior

  25. there is a reason its dated you stupid blonde bitch because it had CHARACTER !!! You took that away from the house it still was modern and had class i thought this war interior not renovating outside as well now it looks like a boring pale and un inviting white shed

  26. Fuck I loved the before

  27. Wow ….simply beautiful.

  28. Jackie your house is stunning!

  29. Airlie Maria Heung

    This is amaaaaazing! It's very clean and airy! I love how she was also ecofriendly with some material. It would however be nice if there were some colors introduced with art maybe.

  30. Crappy than before

  31. The big windows yes! Then it all went sideways for me .

  32. nice $300,000 reno

  33. OMG! You have such a beautiful house. I really love your aesthetic. Clean, comfortable and functional. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Honestly, I can't believe how far you went to destroy anything Mid-Century in this home. MCM, absolutely not. Contemporary MCM coverup, you hit every nail square on! 🙁

  35. Wow Jackie GORGEOUS

  36. I love the white! So many are complaining that she took the mid century modern away… So what its her house. I think the old house looked dated dark and depressing. And I know that many suffer from depression so the prior dark cave look in the house makes them feel at home. To call this house stark is ridiculous. It invites you into a wonderland of clean beauty and nature. Jackie I love what you did to the trailer and I adore this home! Keep up the amazing work!

  37. Wow, she is amazing! Ditto for her home. I really enjoyed how she talked about everything ❤️

  38. That was probably not what the house looked like originally. They probably cladded it in stone in the 80s when that was popular.

  39. Brian Warrington

    Stunning Reno!!! To the nasty people wishing the house had stayed the same, I’d say they didn’t read the headline. This is a mid-century home which has been “Reno’d” beautifully. The designer never said she liked the dark and dated mid-century look of the place. You must be friends of the original owners, methinks.

  40. REALLY WELL DONE !!! …….. Now if designers would use the word "really" less often, it really would help. (Really!)

  41. amazing!!!!!!

  42. Sadly, all character was removed from this house. All white palette is so wrong.