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Rebecca walks you through the latest Robeson Design project, in Solana Beach California. Pointing out all of the remodel updates. Such as new flooring, fixtures, furnishings and great design ideas!
Watch more REVEAL videos of this project:
Whole House Final Walkthrough:

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Interior Design | Living Room Reveal | Home Decorating Ideas

Interior Design | Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Incredible!

  2. How do you "ghost stain" a staircase?

  3. Fantastic…as always!!!!

  4. Charlene Kjenner

    Hummmm I have a question, we are building a new small home (1367 sq ft ) that has 3 square windows 24×24 along the side wall (west side) the only wall for art work as the whole back wall is windows. I was originally looking at framing them and making them shadow boxes to put interesting pieces, now I’m wondering if I should cover them up and having a nice large wall for art pieces as I have windows all along the back wall. The windows on the back wall look out to the backyard BUT there is a covered patio that will reduce the light coming in. Hummmm

  5. Guest bedroom with surfing board will be the wowed one

  6. Lov hand held in shower lol

  7. Greyson is so talented! Thumbs up for Greyson

  8. Bartolomeo J. Simpson

    Where's the 15 days after video???

  9. Bule n white wall one

  10. Khris Baldz_Gas

    Masters of course

  11. Guest bedroom surf board for sure!!!

  12. Oh good Lord! I love Rebecca’s sense of humour. Would you please vacuum after drilling

  13. elizabeth scott

    Just to dark we need colour I hate it's

  14. Sheila BlessedShihtzu

    "My favorite electrician!" 😂🤣😂

  15. the last one

  16. Angela Harshman

    What is ghost coating? Simply painting?

  17. Александр Чариков

    Очень тонко

  18. Hahaha, Love the shower entrance mishap. And I LOVE that shower. Can't wait to see how everything turned out.

  19. sorry found links.

  20. im watching this over a year later ,please link results in vids like this thanks.

  21. Wow, beautiful house.

  22. guest room 1 with the surf board will be the biggest WOW! I think.

  23. i need that shower head in my life

  24. I just realized you're sort of a live version of Karen Walker from Will and Grace! You know, if she ever did work… 🙂 Loving this house!

  25. Learn to be your own Interior Designer! I created The Design Sessions for YOU. With 14 + topics to choose from, at $10 per session, you can equip yourself to decorate YOUR HOME with CONFIDENCE. * New Sessions post every month. Click here to check out THE DESIGN SESSIONS http://bit.ly/designsessionssignup

  26. White and boring will have the "wow" factor

  27. u will do incredible work in everywhere Rebecca

  28. I think the white room will be the best

  29. I probably don't want to know this, but how much do these amazing renovations run a client? Once I own a house instead of renting, I am having it totally customized and perfected, and numbers fascinate me, so I like to play with plans well in advance. Thanks! Love this house by the way, it's my favorite.

  30. I love how you are in love with your own work <3

  31. the 3rd room will be the wow for me due to the amazing side windows that you can work on it amazing and magically

  32. may be the white bed room will b smethng different

  33. dark bath room not good idea

  34. Blue and white notical

  35. The old marble columns were soooo much richer looking!! 🙁

  36. Maria Rodriguez

    What's the name of the wall color the one that looks grayish

  37. Biggest wow: white and boring

  38. Surfboard guest bedroom

  39. i think white BORING will #standout

  40. "I'm many things but …. boring is not one of them" 😂👍

  41. Rebecca you are always so fun to watch, commenting about the rooms, I have no idea but I'm sure all of them are gonna be fabulous

  42. ROFLMAO 🤣 @ the end…totally something I would do!!

  43. nautical for sure 😍

  44. Rainbow Learning Songs

    bed room waith🤗

  45. Rainbow Learning Songs

    big like…love to watch all videos!!!!!! love your style!

  46. I love your personality and Oskar is awesome!