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Interior Design | Living Room UPDATE for $500 | Fix It Fridays #10

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In this weeks episode of Fix It Fridays #FIF, Rebecca shows you how she helped a friend – In one day, using existing furniture and with a budget of $500 – Create a more impactful, more beautiful and more designed living space.
Fix It Friday Recap:

Ep. 1 Guys Bedroom Ikea Makeover: https://youtu.be/rUPv9FEq_HU
Ep. 2 Love Shack: https://youtu.be/jX1Sf6WSX5M
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Ep. 4 Living room turned to Billiard room: https://youtu.be/uPZtrCx3Zb4
Ep. 5 Abbys Rom: https://youtu.be/t5Xf812Hslg
Ep. 6 Laundry To the Loo. Roy Powder: https://youtu.be/nxlOHAAw5e8
Ep. 7 Garvey Living Room: https://youtu.be/Lt9T68RqRus
Ep. 8 Quick and Cheap first Apartment for Scott: https://youtu.be/Edna2eNAe_E
Ep. 9 WOW Dining Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_1-J2ZFoE0

Every week we’ll be bringing you a decor project that we’ve “fixed”. From the humble and sometimes scary beginnings to the fabulous reveals. Rebecca will share unique elements about all of the projects and share great design tips on how to create more storage, how to find more space and how to maximize your budget!

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  1. Love it

  2. More than beautiful, decoration should be safe. Not many objects, nor pics hanging, nor glass and mirror, especially on top of your bed. In case of earthquake, wind, etc, there is not much to lose and nothing to fall and kill you.

  3. Show both. 🙂

  4. I love the room. I'm not really good with plants though. I think doing both inexpensive and high end inspirationals are great.

  5. I love on the budget makeovers!❤️

  6. Love, love, love the affordable episodes! You are ah-mazing!

  7. So easy!

  8. Love Low Budget Makeovers. Love your channel.

  9. This is an on time message. Thanks Radiance

    Love easy n classy

  10. I think you did a great job considering your usual layout of the place and low budget I don’t see a problem about where the tv is place. I see that the tv setting so far back, it would not get the full effect of the light from the window. Since working with a $500 budget limit to adding light curtains or sheers to help filter the direct light which the friend can always add when her budget allows.
    I am guessing her friend possibly live along and can uses the chaise for tv watching or just reading. The sofa facing the fireplace makes it more inmate and conservation area. And with a friend should come over and watch tv with her can lay down on the sofa.

  11. Wow! Looks very nice😀

  12. I really like simple inexpensive treatment to room decor because this where my budget is limited to. Besides I live in a small two bedroom home under 700 square feet. Let's not forget that I'm a single man so I really do like manly design with a splash of softness.

  13. More like this please

  14. I like seeing both!

  15. Great but instead of picture frames I will use mirrors😛🌸

  16. Definitely want to see the quick , and relatable stuff. Also, my family wants to have the furniture facing the TV. This does not work in every living room, like the room you just designed…That is exactly my problem. My LR is rectangular, it has a fireplace that is opposite a large patio door and the other two sides have doorways, one to BR and other to Kitchen. The wall with door to BR has the TV. In a large entertainment center. There are too many competing features. Cannot put tv over fireplace bc it gets very hot there when wood stove is burning. I feel stuck.

  17. I do love your high end stuff, but since I am shopping in the (ahem) lower end bracket, this was great to see. You really did turn something quite boring into something warm and inviting.

  18. Lovely

  19. Eve Rabi Author and Screenwriter

    Love it! Thank u 🙂

  20. Love it!!

  21. Loving the Lucas Life

    RR I love this!!!

  22. Love it!!!

  23. Your budget friendly, simple makeover videos are the best! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent!

  24. This was wonderful. Thanks

  25. great affordable that makes an amazing difference …do u have any videos but for studio apartments or very small spaces…specially bedrooms…thanks for sharing

  26. Wow how beautiful

  27. Omg… can I be your friend?

  28. Love both types of vid but this is super relatable! So many ideas – you really make me think about how I've arranged by house! Thanks

  29. The room needs a coffee table or ottoman, the trees not so much. The frames above the windows looks good though.

  30. Great super cute and everyday affordable for us common folks! 💖

  31. I loved what you did with her living room. The pictures over the window did balance it. Love these type of makeovers. Not everyone is rich and this gives people with less money, a little inspiration. Thank you.

  32. That's awesome!!! wish I had A for my home, it look so plain🙄 you do a awesome Job!!

  33. Love it ! Nice work.

  34. Amazing, your talent is truly amazing. I plan similar arrangements in my new place so it can look as stunning! Thank you for making our job less stressful and more beautiful..God Bless you and a Merry Christmas! Pat..🤗🐶🐺🐈🐈🐈

  35. Shyamali Khandaker

    I need to do my house makeover. How much do u charge

  36. I am new in here and love this video. What is the picture frame size? Thanks!!!!!

  37. Lol…can I be your friend, too? I’m in need of decorating 911!

  38. Loved this episode.

  39. Rebecca , it’s absolutely stunning the way you simply rearranged the furniture and changed the entire look of the room. Placing the elephant near one of the plants was so so unique! It certainly makes the place so inviting and cosy! You are a genius Rebecca !

  40. I enjoy relatable…. love them all.