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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrDprW3kSpY Interior Design ideas as San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson walks you through her Interior Design project in Southern California as Robeson Design completes yet another fabulous reveal.
This home will be revealed in a series of videos beginning with this video… the Living room, Dining room and of course, the most IMPRESSIVE ENTRY EVER!

Rebecca and her team take this ordinary San Diego tract home and create a one of a kind, fully custom home for these homeowners!
Watch as Rebecca reveals the home to you, one room at a time!

#2 Want to spruce up your Kitchen without starting all over again? In this home, I made a few VERY IMPORTANT embellishments to this Kitchen and BAM Dream Kitchen! …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrDprW3kSpY

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  1. You're the best

  2. soo tooo much!! ugly!

  3. The cable thing is amazing…. can't even imagine

  4. Love it as always

  5. So gorgeous!! Your taste is Devine !

  6. syed abdul rahman

    looking old house for old people

  7. This is my favorite video. I cannot stop watching it. I LOVE IT. Great job !!!!!!

  8. Thank you I got so many great ideas from your videos

  9. Utterly Heavenly! OHGosh… can I have it?

  10. You did a beautiful job designing this beautiful home!

  11. Hi Rebecca, when you place furniture in front of a door, what solutions do you have for the back of the piece of furniture since it’s visible.

  12. you exist on four hours of sleep a night don't you ?

  13. What I would give to see what you would do with my little condo! Unfortunately I am far, far away, and even if I weren’t, I’m sure I could not afford you.

  14. Patty Rosales-Rasband

    I liked it but I am more modern style… to dark for me, but it is Beautiful.

  15. Irmalinda Martinez

    Your are so amazingly beautiful I'm learning a lot about your videos

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  17. I really love your style and definitely it can be expensive at times. I know they can be done with a budget, so I hope to learn more.

  18. Wow Robeson!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUR GIFT.

  19. I've seen that shirt recently

  20. Please don't change I love it I'm learning

  21. I would move into this house in a heartbeat and not change a thing!


  23. hate the floor

  24. Amazing interior! I just can not say anything because your design is absolutely grand! Very inspiring.


    AMAZING, i have nothing else to say but AMAZING !!!!

  26. I'm not a huge fan of how little space there is in the living room. But I live what you used, and your idea for it

  27. Beautiful all Around life

    omy goodness you are my idol. I'm so inspired to do my new home. thanks for all those beautiful videos. oh by the way I got so much compliment on my Christmas decorations using your video you tube chanel.

  28. I love love your channel. this video is my favorite one I watched like 10 times.

  29. The entrance hall in this house is my favorite of the ones you have done. It is so cool with the mosaic and the chandelier. It is excellent

  30. Very unique chains… Beautiful Home!!

  31. Love Love Love!

  32. I hope you can make something work I'm not trying to be mean or any thing

  33. My room never feels good when I walk in it feels boring and plain

  34. Where were the beautiful chandeliers bought? Thanks!

  35. This looks truly amazing!!!

  36. Brilliant!! It's amazing how you have a vision and it turns out exactly! Just beautiful

  37. Hi Rebecca! Love your work and your vivacious personality. May I just ask why is the dinning table placed in parallel to the window and not perpendicularly as there seems to be depth to the dinning room? Thank you. Love from Portugal (where I'm from) & Ireland (where I live).

  38. 95 people are sad this is not their home 😂

  39. It's so beautiful! the living and dining room are so christmas vibe