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  1. super👌

  2. osm. too good…..

  3. Beautiful room

  4. super,this designs so beautiful,i like it.

  5. mare spno ka ghar

  6. nice make more videos.. of ur full house

  7. where is it I want to buy

  8. Beautiful

  9. plzzz ur cntuck no sir…..ami amar bari r jono apnr susetion chai…plzzz

  10. pravinkumar bharti

    very nice

  11. ek number hotel jaise sajaya h

  12. Please india ab bhot aage badh gaya hai

  13. Gives an clumsy luk..

  14. Khubbb vlo…😘

  15. download how video

  16. sooooo beautiful

  17. u idiot mathami yazang..

  18. so beautifull appriciate the designer' Love from Pakistan ❤️

  19. To many flowers

  20. awesome room

  21. Sreeraj Vishwarajan


  22. the entryway…. and it moved futher, the colorful ceiling lights … i saw it all went- nope. nope. nope. nope.

  23. super

  24. super design

  25. Moment I saw those plastic bottles and plastic flowers..I had enough of it!

  26. nice home

  27. Superb fantastic

  28. yakkkk!!! looks like a gift shop!!!

  29. well designed…but you can think on some more on the curtains

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