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Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | SJR Pavilion | 3BHK

A gorgeous interplay of bold and neutral colors come together to make a bold statement in this 3BHK apartment we recently designed.

Soft earthy hues and strategic lighting greet you warmly as you step into this contemporary home. The stylish and cleverly designed foyer with concealed storage also doubles up as a space for display with niches and spotlights. The living room has serene notes running through, with warm undertones of cream that are paired with dark brown furniture. The back lit TV unit with white storage space blend seamlessly with the living room. As you explore the house, you will come across bright colors in the kids and guest bedroom. The bookshelf and the wall mounted table in the master bedroom provide functionality while maintaining an effortlessly elegant look. All these elements come together to create a home with harmonious interiors making it a delightful place to come back to, every single day and also an inspiration for Interior design ideas.

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Here is a house design plan that we recently designed and implemented at SJR Pavilion (Bellandur, Bangalore).

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  2. Amazing design…

  3. what is the total cost of this project ?

  4. Good interior work.