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Interior Design in Bangalore: DNR Atmosphere | 4BHK | Furdo Design

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An arresting tapestry of soft colours one side, and bold colours on the other — coupled with the use of no-compromise materials like veneer — make this luxurious 4bhk interior designer home, a spellbinding ode to all things contemporary designs. Boasting of stylish furniture, breathtaking wall texture designs, and splendid lighting, everything about this 4BHK contemporary home is extravagantly chic. Mixed with earthy tones of white and blue, and interspersed with large windows that are framed with ethereal blue curtains, the living room is a resplendent sight for sore eyes. As you explore the house, you will notice bright splashes of colour in the modular Kitchen.The jali unit that separates the living room from the dining area, the Mandir unit with the onyx glass backdrop, the marble finish texture paint, and the natural stone cladded walls, all add oodles of opulence, making this a home designed for pure, unadulterated luxury.

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  2. 9815716102 call me plz

  3. Nicely done

    There's a good consistency with the color palette and you guys have done a good job

  4. Awesome work. i like the interiors

  5. beautiful week

  6. kishorekumar kadupukotla

    Everyone is asking about cost, didn't find reply

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  8. We have all so build a home I want u r contact no

  9. As a home owner I love the way u design. I have watched other videos like bonito ineterios..their interiors hit u on d face it's so much overdone. May b d clients they get r like that thou so can't really blame d designer. But still Ur s r simplistic n elegant. Yet calm n cozy. Great going. All d best. Ahh yes I remember…it looks like some 5 star hotel in Thailand or Malaysia..:D

  10. Wow! Great work! Do u provide service in kolkata?

  11. Hi guys, don't go with Furdo. All are giving fake commitment. And taking 6 months to complete one small project. If we talking about quality, it's very bad. They will tell all made up of factory finish. Bt almost all site work only. Don't trust Furdo. They won't refund also.

  12. What is the total cost of this project?

  13. If I want to make like this house for 56×35 sq. Ft . How much will it cost me ?

  14. love the feel.

  15. Very elegant, I liked it

  16. How much do you guys charge for 1600 square feet and do provide services in Kolkata

  17. What is the total investment in this project for interior designing ??

  18. superb….

  19. Call me please

  20. Hi Furdo nice work i have a four bedroom house in Bangalore will like to contact your office for some information please share your phone number

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  22. nice home .. but should have explained & shown everything with time

  23. My dream house

  24. Very beautiful decorations

  25. For 3bhk

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  27. Kvvsatyanarayana Kantamani

    Where is the location to see the interior and house

  28. Will you do interiors in Chennai?

  29. how much whole interior cost please
    its awsome
    i ll do for my new flat

  30. super design sir i 'm an interior designer

  31. A beautiful 2/3BKH apartment in Taruchaya Residency jaipur #BuyApartmentsAtJaipur

  32. may i please know the software used?

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  34. The bedroom walls are not so attractive, and I feel like almost all the walls are not pleasing. The rest was perfect.

  35. I ll gve u 30 Lack sir agr ye hi cheez mile toh pkaaa

  36. hello Furdo group… I have been following your videos for quite some time and I have observed that your designs are quite similar for all projects …… WE @ ace interiors have the work video visit@: https://youtu.be/kjFOeb8KRSo

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  40. Are you guys in Pune

  41. Are you guys in Pune

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  43. How much was the total cost for this project?

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