We haven’t fully finished yet but I thought I’d should share with you guys some parts of my home! We obviously haven’t put in any decor in the hallway yet but when that’s installed and finished I think it will be great and I’m very pleased with the end result.

The soup pump you can find here:

I will get the links to the other items soon through my decorator that has helped me with all the purchases:

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  1. Don't know how the hell i got here but this was a total waste of time watching, Im sure the title says home design apartment and renovation tour, but i guess i missed the apartment tour cause this was basically a powder room/hallway rant.

  2. Flight Of Spice Blog

    We underestimate the power of our surroundings

  3. Love love love your style and btw you are the most well put together sick person I have ever met😉simply beautiful!

  4. So beautiful ☺️ it would be very nice to see how you organize things in the house. Big kiss 😙

  5. fab! so nice and bright!

  6. What a lovely improvement!

  7. Love love love!! More please!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Well thought out renovation. I think you pulled off a very bright and contemporary look in a small space that feels larger and more lux now. I am sure you enjoy using it everyday.

  9. wow, so beautiful. it would be awesome to have more detail about the process – hiring contractors for some parts etc etc and whatnot (i'd love to redo my place but it seems very intimating)

  10. Love what you two did to the bathroom. I think it's the perfect size.

  11. Great video, Johanna! Love very much your apartment👍🏻 very sofisticated and stylish

  12. Where are your bracelets from?!

  13. Khristine Rubion

    Shower routine please 😊😊😊

  14. what tile did you use? You have very good taste in design.

  15. Nice 💕you are so cute

  16. Gorgeous! Could you please do an apartment tour?

  17. Prasheela Manoharan

    So chic. I can tell you totally designed the whole thing. love it. xx

  18. macaroons_ lover_

    stylish, modern, great…just like it very much 👍👏👌💝

  19. Looks like a hotel bathroom 😍

  20. Annie Jonestad Skoog

    Åh vad fint det blev!

  21. Fabienne Schelbert

    You have such a good taste, totally love the change. You should become an interior designer 😊

  22. Love it! Vilken låt är det i bakgrunden?

  23. absolutely beautiful! Would love to see a house tour.

  24. I love it, super cool Johanna! Quick question – do you edit your videos on iMovie?