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Interior Design — How To Warm Up A Modern Home

Designer Shirley Meisels of MHouse brought a 75-year-old home back to life with sleek finishes, a light-filled open-concept floor plan and mid-century modern decor that wows.

It was important to her client Alison Gordon that the house had quirky touches throughout, so Shirley added personality with unique finds. A striking piece of artwork and bench ground the front entrance, while ombré wallpaper adds drama in the dining room. A room divider with a seating nook separates the living room from the kitchen, without sacrificing light or closing off the spaces. In the living room, ample seating offers a hangout area for family and guests. Alison used quartzite countertops in the kitchen, which is a more durable alternative to marble. A walnut island and pantry provide ample storage, eliminating the need for upper cabinets. Upstairs, a diagonal black-painted statement wall is a graphic addition to the master bedroom and highlights the impressive 10-foot-ceiling.

See the sources from this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/light-filled-modern-family-home/

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  1. This is a modern home, that has a lovely flow, and is warm and inviting. I don't know why people hate the nook. When you don't have any upper cupboards in a kitchen due to numerous windows (who doesn't want natural light), you do need more storage. The nook offers extra seating, and storage both in the kitchen and the living room (win win), and is unusual and quirky like the owner. As for the butt photo, it's kind of sexy which is why it may have been placed over the bed. I would have personally placed it near my elliptical/workout area as an incentive. I loved the entire house. Yes, I would loved to have seen a before and after also but a great project. One of my favourites.

  2. Nice!

  3. Come to my house and design it up 😃 great ideas that blow up minds. Great work dear

  4. This is the best home Reno I've seen so far

  5. the room devider is a great idea 👍

  6. The house looks nice, but you can clearly hear the echo when they speak.. which is a big no-no for me. It's not cozy

  7. wow amazing work

  8. Very spectacular gradient painting of the walls in the living room

  9. I really like the nook. How clever to provide seating for two rooms as well as extending storage. Also I thought the wooden dining and living room chairs were attractive and sculptural.

  10. it's a butt.

  11. some times i can build like this house

  12. …her former houses? wtf haha

  13. Love everything. Except the butt.

  14. LOOOVE the nook! I have a thing for little personal cubby spaces!

  15. hi . i am architect .

  16. Shirley Awesome Work. I ll must contact you for my New Home.. Great keep it up

  17. Alvar Aalto -style. I love it!

  18. For some reason this home still feels quite cozy.

  19. Beautyis Asbeautydoes

    I like the diagonals. It's a little quirky, yet interestingly artistic.

  20. Beautyis Asbeautydoes

    That is a great home. It has demension,variety, and comfortability. .

  21. they seem to have a great relationship!!

  22. nobody's going to explain what that light is on the wall of the dining room?

  23. Wow….just wow😃

  24. I want that dining table and I LOVE the diagonally painted wall.

  25. Not only the house decoration that I like, but the relationship between the owner and the designer as well. it is so warm my heart.

  26. Love this modern house! Gorgeous!

  27. the light on the wall in the dining room-does anyone know where I can find one?

  28. I like it a lot. 1 thing I dislike are the vertical white tiles on one side of the divider. Grey or even brown would've been better imho.

  29. the nook is so damn cool

  30. absolutely beautiful!!!
    where can I find the ombre wrap like the dining room??????