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Interior Design – How To Use A Statement Rug To Transform A Room

H&H‘s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper display the transformative power of statement rugs. See how they created three different looks, each with a different rug as the focal point.

Joel and Jennifer chose three gorgeous rugs at the Weavers Art showroom in Toronto that each offer standout style underfoot. The first has a painterly pattern that’s bright and cheery, the second is more muted and brought to life with black and neutral accessories, and the final carpet has a traditional pattern modernized with a contemporary palette.

Presented by Weavers Art http://www.weaversart.com/.

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  1. All 3 are gorgeous looks but my fav is the first one! Great job:))

  2. The pillows in the last one seem to compete to much with the rug, I think using gypsy / indian patterns in some pillows would have been better to give that gypsy/oriental look.

    If something more simple was intended, may be more textured/ furry pillows with neutral colours and simpler ones with solid colours and blankets with oriental patterns.

  3. last rug and boho mood the best!!

  4. Number 2 rug with number 3 pillows


    only persian carpet

  6. Gallia Herrera

    Second one 👏🏻

  7. Elizabeth McElynn

    Good job!

  8. I liked the third one the most and i loved the other accessories you put with it 😍

  9. O wow! All the three were very good but for me the third one was great!

  10. Aparna Sarepaka

    Lovely rug you guys! Would you be able to let me know where you hit the single seater couches from?

  11. 3rd. One is my FAVE👍🏼

  12. No seller in Australia would allow you to try it out first

  13. 2nd rug

  14. I want to see what's at the other end of the room!

  15. The second one is great

  16. I liked all 3 looks but the last one best, didn’t like the coffee table.

  17. Third is my preference.

  18. 1st one is the best.. Last one is for grandma for sure.. Not modern along with the 2 single chairs..

  19. Martha Simpson

    Very helpful!

  20. The best one was the Tabriz, rug 3! Stunning!!!!

  21. db64lifeisback

    How big is the rug?

  22. Green Crash-test

    The 2nd and 3rd looks are top-notch. I want a gorgeous carpet now

  23. The seat furniture needs to be reupholstered. It's totally lifeless in a completely insipid room. 1st one works best for the mood of the room.
    These two are lightweights up against a real Persian rug. (3) They're in over their heads.

  24. Sylvester

  25. You mixed a Tabriz rug (Persian) with eastern Asian art? That’s so strange!

  26. أية الساعدي

    I don't like the Persian carpet l like the second

  27. Great…I liked the video…if i had to choose then I would go with the third one… it's awesome…A few days back, I bought a rug from http://www.deluxerugsncarpets.com.au and it has really uplifted my interior's.