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Interior Design — How To Paint Walls With Colour

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, see how to paint and decorate two looks for big results. Get H&H editor Joel Bray’s inspiring tips and tricks on how to work with colour.

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  1. krisZtina baracsi

    Who is the photo of the dandelion by?

  2. Any color would look good if you have nice decors

  3. That lilac is so dreamy! Great master bedroom shade.

  4. Javier Morales

    Tejido de macramé

  5. help, I have lime green couch set, what colors should I paint the walls

  6. Dorota Stefanik

    purple wall looks better with yellow bench

  7. Fab! Love both the looks ❤

  8. Cindy Martinez


  9. Wangu Ngunjiri

    Gah! Absolutely love both..

  10. Nadia Prigoda-Lee

    Where did you get that great bench? It's lovely!

  11. I seriously love that lilac purple wall. Its just serene. Looks so warm and yummy but still grown up and sophisticated all at the same time. Maybe I'll use this shade in my future projects.

  12. I used to have that lilac as a bedroom walls color. And my current place bedroom is this yellow color in the video. It's a huge shame my walls are not plastered smooth and I doubt a primer was used. 🙁 It wasn't painted by me obviously. I'm becoming first time homeowner next year (apartment is still building in progress) so it's exciting to chose paint colors!!

  13. I thought I would like the yellow wall better because I like bright colors but I really loved the purple wall and the pops of color great job.

  14. ME-Tube Your Space!

    I definitely like the decor with the yellow wall better.  Nice indeed.