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Interior Design — How To Design a Warm & Bright Modern Home

A historical Toronto home gets a sleek new design thanks to architect Andre D’Elia of Superkül. See how he respected the home’s old bones while bringing it into the 21st century for clients Carol and Craig Lowery.

Andre boosted the home’s curb appeal by adding modern elements to the façade. A wood door leads into the entryway, where a wall of closets offers plenty of storage. The modern kitchen features flush cabinets and camouflaged appliances, and conveniently flows into the living room. A skylight well connects the three floors, offering a stream of natural light to each level. A custom furniture suite and an office with a bay window shine in the second floor principal bedroom. The square-footage continues onto the third floor roof space, which has access to the balcony. Oak wood maintains warmth throughout the modern home.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/transform-trad-home-modern-masterpiece/


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  1. Beautiful, if they invited I'd probably never leave lol

  2. Flight Of Spice Blog


  3. nice……

  4. Can anyone guess where the dining room table is from?

  5. OMG!! Looooove it!! 🙂 What a house renovation! And the fresh, clean design! So many space, and lots of wood…! Beautiful work!

  6. So bland, nothing is a surprise. I would be completely bored with this home in ten minutes.

  7. This house is absolutely stunning. Exactly a house I would love apart from mine which is similar. To me, unlike some opinions, this house is warm and inviting and serene. Can you tell me where this dining room table and chairs was from? I want that exact same one. Anyone who would know, can you answer, in case H&H don't answer?

  8. I'd ignore all the comments saying it looks like an IKEA showroom. It could not be further from that 😍

  9. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful home! You just can't beat simple clean design. So green eye'd monster over this one. Well done ✅

  10. To everyone complaining that it "looks unfinished" or "looks like an Ikea showroom" : that is the client's personal taste. They paid for this remodel so they could have it how they wanted it. Even if it isn't your style, it doesn't matter because it's perfect for the client. As long as they are happy then the designer did their job.

  11. Great work awesome

  12. GORGEOUS! especially the exterior!! but I feel like it needs a few bold punches of color and some sculptural statement piece light fixtures. that would make this space perfect.

  13. Big sister advice corner

    It would be nice to have links for the furniture. Where is the sofa from?

  14. I like this house so much!!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! Too much wood for my taste, but I love the design and overall aesthetic.

  16. so calming. love this space

  17. I love what they did to both the exterior and interior!

  18. it's a beautiful house but there's just something missing. It feels like I was in an IKEA showroom. There's no warmth to it. It's just so plain. the title of this video is really misleading. Well that's just my opinion

  19. I'm guessing it would look a lot better in person but it just kinda looks like an ikea showroom right now…

  20. I'm not a fan… Looks like a hotel lobby.

  21. It's beautiful but it looks unfinished. It needs art and plants.

  22. Sbongumenzi Qwabe

    Idk hey but this house looks like it's not finished. No flowers/ plants and decorative pieces. Also quite monotonous with the oak finishes everywhere.

  23. brilliant work guys..
    loved with this channel..

  24. 3:19 Love this lady!

  25. Wow…this home is insanely beautiful. Thank you for this.

  26. thank you

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