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Interior Design — How To Design A Stylish & Durable Home For A Young Family

Designer Erin Feasby of Feasby & Bleeks Design proves that decorating with light neutral hues for a young family is possible. See how she brightens up a dark and dated home to create a modern classic space that’s built to withstand the wear and tear of a young family.

To freshen up the space, Erin painted the walls a warm white, and incorporated tones of grey and quiet colors throughout. New gorgeous grey-brown hardwood floors complement the light palette. In the white kitchen, the existing backsplash and cupboards were kept, and grey tartan fabric was added to the dining table chairs for a durable yet stylish addition. The living room is neutral with apricot accents and floral prints. A sculptural light fixture in the dining room adds the wow factor to the understated design.

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  1. What is that white and shiny material in kitchen and dining countertop

  2. Designers push what they want so to me its not the owners taste its so other womans choice.

  3. The floor is the great choice, but don't appreciate the rest

  4. Love the house how ever the island in the kitchen I’m not sure having Big corner chunks sticking out like that especially as it’s at an angle is quite dangerous it would have been better rounded off safer especially when you have growing kids in the house

  5. I hate the houses with the dinning rooms in the living room. I know it's open concept but I like a cozy living room not feeling like I am reading in a dinner.

  6. D Ishappywithlife

    Another White House…SNORE!! 👎🏽

  7. i dont understand y this site dont experiment with colours is always d same dead white dead black!!!! kids cant handle white environ

  8. she did answer the possibility or element of staining; the client is relaxed and expects that children will have freedom to enjoy the home as much as the adults "you can hide stains…".
    It is a nice home just not my style…I can do one room all bland and what not but not the entire house. Though as a mom I try each moment to not make a fuss on stains (actually my son is good it's the hubby I watch out for) I just would literally go insane stairing at the dingy edges of furniture and juice stains that I never got out from the carpet.😥🙄

  9. Needs more color. So much white is boring.

  10. Cream and white furnitures are NOT "durable" 🤔😒😐 imagine all the chocolate, paint and dirty hand prints.? ?

  11. I actually like it😊👍

  12. DIY moje dekoracje


  13. After I saw this video I was definitely scratching my head. A family home with small children – – which was uttered more than once in this video – – yet the designer had zero hesitation about using white everywhere. Then I read all of the comments and felt a sigh of relief in knowing I was not alone with what I was thinking. The designer did treat this project as if it were her own home. I still don't understand why blue would've been wrong unless she was saying it wouldn't go with the apricot color she wanted to use. In that case I can understand not wanting blue. I've seen a lot of videos on this channel and I have to say even though the end result is really nice I am turned off by the designer/client reality vs. esthetic. You can NEVER clean white and get it back its pristine state no matter what you do to it. I don't think this was a wise use of their budget by using this color everywhere in such a large space. Then at the end of the video the designer already has her sights set on remodeling the kitchen again! SHE JUST REMODELED IT!! that comment was not cool.

  14. I like the old hardwood floors way better than the new ones.

  15. too much white in a big space, would work in an apartment or condo but if you have more space like this use more colors! the chairs has good bone, should have used blue fabric for upholstery. there was too much of "i wanted…" in this vid from the designer it felt like this is HER home and I would feel much better if this is her home..but for her client? I think it's a tad impractical.

  16. I think it's beautiful, but I don't have children or grandchildren. lol

  17. What brand is the paint

  18. too much white, once you go black, you never go back

  19. Very nice but I thought the previous wood floors were more beautiful.  I love it but can't imagine little kids around.   Can't wait to see that white sofa after hand fulls of Skittles are rubbed all over.

  20. "Warm white" lol

  21. Young kids huh?
    You know that white furniture is going to get stained the fuck up right?

  22. bad design for kids. it's nice but not practical. also, if her client wanted blue, why did she push the gray?

  23. Nice! But for a family with young children I would expect more pops of vibrant colours.

  24. مشاري المطيري

    it is really amazing , l love it

  25. It's very beautiful and serene

  26. Do you have kids? All that white. NO WAY

  27. very nice work and very nice designer!

  28. love it

  29. woow super beautiful 👍👍👍

  30. Very refreshing.. love it.