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Interior Design — How To Design A Modern Open-Concept Kitchen

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, get design tips for creating a kitchen, dining and living room that work together seamlessly from designer Gillian Lazanik of Affecting Spaces.

The contemporary home addition is filled with smart storage ideas — including toe-kick drawers, floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets and a charging station in the mudroom. Lazanik effectively mixed multiple wood finishes in the space, including white oak, walnut, quarter-sawn veneer and reclaimed barnboard. In the kitchen and family room, large covelano marble slabs make a statement as both the backsplash and fireplace surround. Skylights flood the rooms with natural light, shining down on the white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. In the middle of the great room, Lazanik designed a kids’ homework zone complete with chalkboard walls and a built-in desk which easily hide away with a motorized roller shade. Over in the powder room, custom wood ledges let the homeowner showcase family photos.

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  1. My dad would cut me of his life if i put his pic in my bathroom. in my culture its a disregard specially if they are passed on.

  2. strange situation going on in the powder room..but if it was the client's wish then that's what you do as the designer.
    ..other than all of the eyes in the powder room though, I really do love this home. esp that vintage yellow chest mixed into a modern space. pretty brilliant!! ..and I must know where the patchwork rug in the dining area is from. odds are I can't afford it but maybe I'll get lucky and it will actually be affordable. …a girl can dream.

  3. some designers have issues about TV's, haven't they? I love see a good movie at night, so this kind of living room without TV is not for everyone…

  4. All those eyes on me in the bathroom as I try to go number one and two?! No thank you, haha.

  5. I like this designer, she seems smart & the space is functional. I feel the marble shouldn't go all the way to the ceiling above the floating kitchen cabinets. Feels unfinished. Also, a mirror in the dark study box would reflect some light in there.

  6. It looks very much like office! Failed interior design/er!

  7. This person is one of the best designers I've observed in a long time. Full of good ideas and knows how and where to implement them without intruding onto the overall style. It's also a rare You tube video where the narrator doesn't overspeak. Messages are very clear and logical. I'd hire her because she's worth much more than she costs. (Although I didn't see her bill, Bank clients don't pay diddly if it's their own money)

  8. Just because designers are moving toward white doesn't mean the rest of us are!  I honestly think they're losing their creativity.  Empty a room and have no walls and then don't put anything back in. That's not creative.

  9. Family photos in the powder room???? I am sorry…… :/

  10. Also I too don't understand why people place family photos in an area where you poop. LOL. I wouldn't want that.

  11. So many comments about looking like an office yet the homeowner specifically didn't want that. Is this home fail?

  12. I like the light and openness. There is an overall feeling of coldness though….and the family photographs in the toilet area are inappropriate.

  13. This space is really cool but it needs more cozy and the skylights, the marble fireplace kind of make it seem like there's an office undertone to it but it's quite nice

  14. It looks like a chic office to me..

  15. Gr8 job

  16. Oh my god, I was almost the first comment!!

  17. Ganda… pero ako nauna sa comment….

  18. I wouldn't feel comfortable if people from the photos of my family history was looking at me or anyone else while I am peeing or pooping in the ''powder room''. If the client is so family oriented she could've put the photos in the main areas like the living room instead of that big marble fireplace. It looks a lot like an office – a long white wall in the waiting hall.

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