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Interior Design — How To Design A Fun Family Home

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, tour the home that’s on House & Home magazine’s June 2015 cover! Pick up great ideas from designer Ashley Botten for decorating with art, colour and personality.

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  1. Looks and feels like a home that people actually live in and enjoy. Great job!

  2. I like the living room

  3. Marilyn Cordova-Winchell

    Why is there a child in a picture at 0:15 sec posing nude in a picture on the wall?

  4. no thank you. just a messy looking home

  5. I love the home!!

  6. I love it

  7. Ugh. The all seeing eye on a pillow.

  8. Eugenie Isaiah 41:10

    Not feelin’ it …….

  9. Tippawan Tonkhundum

    I love it sooooooo much!

  10. The third floor guest room looks kind of rushed instead of designed, like they just had that yellow striped rug on hand and just thought to lay it there.

  11. So many flash jump cuts, you can't really tell what it looks like, or was that the point?

  12. i love the foyer and all of the crazy art.

  13. like

  14. My favourite areas are the living room and the kitchen. Very well-designed. 🙂

  15. home designers are so innovated, but, are these homes really livable and comfortable. That matters more than your art degree

  16. you're good job

  17. I would love to know where that street picture was taken. It looks like a small town in Nova Scotia.

  18. I really love it has less color and neutral. Amazing pictures and the living room is like perfect.

  19. Love the living room

  20. Shannon Davidson

    I thought this was a "before" video.  Too much "hospital" white..not impressed. Depressed.

  21. Clean and lively. I love all details in this house.

  22. It's not organic as she said it is. In all of the videos I've so far seen on this channel all of the rooms look too technically thought out. There isn't a spontaneous flow like in some of the cob houses I've seen where there was not only spontaneously shaping them, as they were built, but also a relaxed way of decorating them with what they liked.

  23. Chrisy McConnell

    Beautiful art pieces in this project.

  24. ME-Tube Your Space!

    That house have some of the most tackiest rooms.  The designer could have done better.

  25. I saw the afghan book, thing 🙂