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Interior Design — How To Decorate a 400-square-foot Bachelorette Rental

Designer Natalie Chong shares a 400-square-foot bachelorette pad that takes small space condo living to new heights. Get her tips for designing a functional studio apartment using double-duty furniture, custom storage and zones. Plus, see how she created a cozy, light-filled space with white furniture and plush textiles.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/design-tiny-studio-apartment/


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  1. I really think the space could have been better purposed.
    A Murphy bed would have been a better match for the space. And instead of sofa/loveseat, 2 chairs and an ottoman would be more practical.
    I do like the monochrome look though.

  2. I thought this was the before. She picked nice pieces but they dont go together

  3. Love this

  4. I think a Murphy bed or Day bed would have worked better in the space. But otherwise lovely 🖤

  5. Drewbie UnderFire

    too much white lol

  6. Natalie Chong president

  7. 👀👍

  8. No. This is terrible.

  9. I think the bed should have been at the very back and the living/dining at the front. Otherwise, I think it's very fresh, chic, and nice.

  10. Murphy bed or pull out couch better

  11. Go back to design school

  12. Do a shot every time she says "actually."

  13. debbiedoodiedandi

    That table seems kinda large for this space, but maybe it's just me. It seems like a square table (that you could push completely against the wall), or one that is for small spaces would give you more room

  14. Bravo on the functionality and design!

  15. Love so beautiful ❤✨

  16. WOW! I like how bright and flowing this apartment is how each functional part of the room flows to another: very clever. The use of white is so beautiful.

  17. D Ishappywithlife

    I know those walls could have been utilized in a beautiful way with shelving and pretty storage. It was wasted space that could have been used

  18. I would have made the bed temporary and affixed it to the wall so it can come down during night time. Other than that I like it it's light and airy

  19. It's beautifully done, but i'm so confused when designers say "it's warm" and the space is white, gray and black…

  20. If I hear "great bones" ONE more time 😩

  21. very pretty simple..

  22. Very nice, but there is too much white. Break it up with a dark coloured wall, like grey, purple, black or navy blue.

  23. That is really awesome design!

  24. OMG this was such an awful miss for small space design. Do you know what glorious spaces other designers could have created with 400 square feet and a custom cabinetry budget? Just look for small spaces Asia or the metric equivalent of 400 square feet on youtube to see what I'm talking about. So disappointing.

  25. That's 400sqft?look bigger

  26. Sometimes I miss my old 285 sq ft apartment.

  27. TheUnusual Please

    Love it! I just had to design a living room dining room entryway combo with only 242 square feet and oh boy was that a doozy.

  28. They have done a great job. Love the bed!

  29. wow! where to get the window mirror.. love love love

  30. Love it

  31. That was so frustrating not getting to fully see the kitchen or bathroom. Such a great design sure it translated to the other rooms!

  32. technology lover

    She did nothing special. More than that is not possible. Why they paid her?not saying she is bad but nothing special to make a video about it.

  33. This is beautiful.