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Interior Design — How To Decorate A 2-Bedroom Condo For Under 10k

Discover how designer Natalie Chong furnished a young couple’s two-bedroom, two-bathroom home for $10,000. Get her budget condo decorating ideas for adding style and personality to a space, while creating a gender-neutral design aesthetic.

Natalie kept function and finances top of mind throughout the design process. She painted the bottom half of the wall in the long entryway in a durable dark navy hue as a less expensive (and non-permanent) alternative to wainscotting. In the living room, a rug acts as a room divider between the kitchen and dining area. Despite the small space, Natalie was able to fit a six-person dining table and a pop-up desk in the corner. A black wall in the hotel-like master bedroom offers drama, while mini dressers work as night tables with ample storage. The guest room will be a nursery one day, so Natalie kept the design simple and used affordable pieces that can easily be replaced.

See the sources in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/budget-condo-decorating-ideas/

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  1. Antoinette Daniels

    Awesome job….I'm a designer and I think she made me rethink Ikea…and smaller budgets.

  2. This space looks FABULOUS!!! Wow…absolutely love the clean lines of the design palette, but at the same time everything feels cozy and inviting. It's so impressive!

  3. Candis Carnegie

    The cord dangling over the pop-up desk…Ugh!!!! I just don't feel that framed piece of art really needs a light. Other than that, Natalie, as usually, knocks it outta the park! I rarely see black & white decor other than Kris Jenner's house. I love what Natalie did for this couple.

  4. Ikea ❤

  5. "Which is practically nothing"

  6. Very articulate. Maybe too many tchotchkes and I’m not sure of dark paint in the entryway, kinda closed it in. I like your personality, thanks.

  7. Elrico Greenwood

    Natalie you are cute😉 And got a great taste when it comes to Designing 👌

  8. what is organic material

  9. "We ALL KNOW you have to be gender neutral because of your partner ;)" … all us queers stare into the camera like we're on the office

  10. Pasesi Interiors

    Very creative. I like it.

  11. Francesca Rubera

    €10000 for furnishing is nothing??? for that price you could acually build small extension!!! just ridiculas, today so people think €10000 is nothing, they should go work manual hard label job for €5.00 per hour after taxes see what is left!!

  12. Great work!

  13. I sure hope IKEA sponsored this because they are all OVER this thang! Beautiful!

  14. Too cluttered imo

  15. If I hear gender neutral one more time I will be sick! There is man and woman and you can't change God's order! If you do be ready to pay the price!

  16. what does it look like before staging

  17. cheekyoziechick

    I am in shock.. She did an amazing job on a tiny budget.

  18. It looks nice but is it really comfortable living in this or would it make yourself feel out of place? I've never been the clean and tidy type so I think the latter will apply to me.

  19. where is that mirror from?

  20. lazalazareviclaza

    Ikea overdose

  21. 10k? Man this deco looks cheap for the price… IKEA 25$ tables… I'd never hire her

  22. Bravo. Really. You achieved a clean and refreshing ambience at a fraction of the usual cost. Yeah, its Ikea-ish, but at the end of the day, its how the space makes me feel that matters and I love this space.

  23. I need just a tad bit more pop of color here. I don’t care about the ikea or $$ part all I care about is the designer’s choices. Definitely lots of room for improvement.

  24. I like the colors and textures.. But not a huge fan ALL Ikea interiors.. It undersells..

  25. I would like to ask for an advise. I have a house with high ceilings, no many walls.. Very contemporary. The living room is open next to dinning and American kitchen with an Island. I have always wanted a sectional L sofa but the 2 sofas was a very nice idea too. I have found a really good offer of 2 sofas and decided to bought them. But now I’m having second thoughts.. can you please list the advantages of having 2 sofas instead of sectional L? Thanks

  26. Pearl Vongpusanachai

    I'm really, really impressed! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  27. $10,000 practically is nothing?

  28. Home Goods and TJ Maxx would have been a better source for good furniture at incredible prices. Carpets and rugs also there at fantastic prices. Crate and Barret Outlets, Marshalls and Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, again for terrific finds. I could take ten thousand dollars and furnish easily.

  29. Jeanette Kniebusch

    That black chord is horrible. Electrician. At the very least paint thw chord it white!

  30. I LOVE that entrance!

  31. Clementine Kengne

    please can you do a dorm room makeover ?

  32. Airlie Maria Heung

    That head chair turned desk chair idea is amazing!

  33. Everything from ikea

  34. Asians are all geniuses and good ppl. Thank you G-d.

  35. Lorenzo Potrich

    #IKEA 😀

  36. what to do if you dont have a entry way. the opening just opens to the living room ?

  37. Akansha Hazarika


  38. I hear Selena Gomez.

  39. She's not exaggerating, 10k to decorate an EMPTY 2 bedroom condo is almost unheard of. Furniture is included in that price, just the beds and sofa alone eat up 20% of that budget. Add in a 6 person dining set, rugs, linens, decor and miscellaneous furniture that 10k is gone fast.

    Most people don't realize how expensive filling a home with stuff is because they do it gradually, one piece at a time.

  40. This is make me different think about design interior… I dunno ikea furniture can make the whole apartment look expensive like this … thumb up for you … amazing design 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  41. does anyone know where to get the cabinet by the entrance at 0:33?

  42. I love the all the black and navy blue.

  43. This apartment turned out really nice, but you spent $10,000 to get cheap Ikea furniture? I don't think you know where to shop for good quality furniture at an affordable price.

  44. What a beautiful space for such a small budget…simply gorgeous!!

  45. Depasree Chatterjee

    That black wall with the black table lamps😍

  46. Really nice job!!

  47. Such a great job

  48. Jasmine Badjubeer

    her voice is kinda sounds like Selena gomez 😂


  50. Beautiful & It's not A small budget It's a lot of nice stuff out there for that budget, I had a smaller budget for my apartment and It's beautiful and glamorous and It don't look cheap at all.