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INTERIOR DESIGN – How To Create A Kitchen With Color

Designers Natalie Hodgins and Kate Stuart of Sarah Richardson Design show the power of incorporating color into your kitchen. See how they went beyond the classic all-white kitchen to embrace rich, saturated hues in their client’s space.

The homeowners have a busy house with four children, so layering color and pattern to hide “the sins” of everyday life was essential to the design plan. Grey-green cabinetry and pale grey tiles offer a neutral backdrop for vibrant shades. Burnt-orange barstools pick up the colors in the exotic rugs, and a statement blue La Cornue stove and matching hood offer saturated hits of color. A copper faucet, light fixtures and accessories highlight the copper band on the vent hood, making it the focal point in the space.

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  1. Color gives the fell that the piece is more warmer….white kitchen looks clean but also looks like a lab cold. I will definitely go with color which reminds me the bistro we see in travel.

  2. Chantell Patrick

    Nice to see a low ceiling. I'm really trying to embrace mine… it's a struggle😥

  3. Love the stove and hood!

  4. Love that stove. Who knew a stove could be such a beautiful statement piece.  But, I really wanted to see the rest of the house.

  5. Omg that stove….. I am so in love. The navy and the copper <3

  6. Looks weird personally, no color cohesion all clash. Doing minimal cleanliness with brash color was an error.

  7. i love the color combos however that stove with blue paint looks so odd.

  8. It's beautiful.  I like it all except that high $ stove.  I would prefer a standard stainless but it's not my kitchen.

  9. I love that the windows are really made a feature of, but if a client asks for colour, you should take the opportunity and run with it. If I wanted colour and got a grey room with a patterned chair, I'd be disappointed…if someone had said they wanted to try colour but they were nervous…this room would be great.

  10. great space for lots of people to work in at same time.

  11. simplebeautyworld

    what an enormous kitchen!

  12. It did not worked out. Where is the colour?

  13. Brandee Michelle

    That would be a great kitchen to work in on thanksgiving because of all the space! I am in love with the copper accents too

  14. Love the blue stove and hood!  Love the red bar stools and flowered chair!  Love the copper highlights!

  15. Ignacio Martínez Argüello

    please H&H, more color and more living rooms… =)

  16. Thanks H&H for starting to add more rooms with colour to your video playlist 🙂

  17. Great video! Love the kitchen🎀