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Interior Design – How To Budget For Your Dream Kitchen Renovation

Want a dream kitchen? Try our editors’ personal kitchen renovation budget tips! Find out where they saved and where they splurged.

In this video, H&H’s Suzanne Dimma, Sarah Hartill and Kai Ethier share their personal home reno stories. Learn how to budget, be realistic with your spending, and plan for the smoothest renovation possible. Plus, see their three unique kitchen designs and find out how you can steal the look for your own home. You’ll get tips for choosing countertops, backsplashes, kitchen cabinets, appliances and more.

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  1. Madd Scientist

    nice work done
    and OF COURSE everybody's "budget" is going to be different as to what you want to do!!!
    why do people always ask 'what's the budget?"………..LMAO

  2. Cupboard veneers look old fashioned. All of that white marbling with the white spreading with no breaks up to the overhead cupboards, its just too much white. None of it works for me aesthetically.

  3. Genius Marc Says

    people who put a budget are idiots

  4. Marilyn bouziane

    Did they ever get to cook in these kitchens?!

  5. Jeanette Kniebusch

    Watch the video where the contrsctor organised it all to. R done electrition everything ready to be inspected by 3 THAT day.

  6. Jeanette Kniebusch

    Contractor is a criminal did you report it.

  7. Crave with Chrys

    The second kitchen is totally my style 😍

  8. så kult

  9. SO True!! Great Video:))Are you looking for Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa? Then Visit: http://plus.google.com/+RLGeneralContractorOttawa

  10. LOVE that island. Looks incredible with the waterfall feature. Such a great choice.

  11. I'd love one of those stoves but they're so expensive. kitchen is a little too white for my taste but it still looks beautiful.

  12. I'm glad they said to always stick to the budget. On so many renovation shows they always go over the budget and make it seem like its common but it's definitely possible to stay within budget and get a beautiful home.

  13. What was the budget?

  14. Great video, although, all those women looked exactly alike.

  15. bleedinghearthero

    Love Kai's kitchen, but there's not much counter space and the sink is quite small. It does suit that small space though!

  16. I'm redoing my kitchen right now and have incorporated ALL the money and time saving tips. I bought cabinets from Habitat ReStore, which were reconfigured and I'm painting, I'm installing a pot filler and went with a smaller, but more modern refrigerator, and I'm actually using vinyl tile to create a herringbone flooring! one of my family members said my U-shaped to L-shaped kitchen with the wall removed now looks like the way it should have been made when the house was built!! We're half way done!!

  17. Richard Shannon

    Is there no vent hood above the stove?

  18. best video ever on the topic of kitchen reno!! more videos like this please!

  19. A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí

    These ladies really know what they're doing, each kitchen was so well done. Loved the money saving tips. xoxo