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Interior Design — How To Add Modern Style To A Historical Home

Step inside a light-filled historical home with a stunning modern interior. See how designer Ines Mazzotta of Kelly Hopter Interiors updated the 1877 space to fit her family’s lifestyle.

To respect its 19th century bones, Ines introduced applied trim to the walls, crown molding and Victorian-style ceiling medallions for a traditional touch. The kitchen was already renovated when she and her family moved in, but it wasn’t in their style. To avoid a full renovation, Ines gave the kitchen a facelift by painting the cabinets in a two-toned palette of black and white. She also kept the original flooring throughout the house, as well as the non-functioning fireplace, which now acts as a decorative statement. Both the living room and family room are furnished with comfortable, family-friendly furniture. In the master bedroom, tall ceilings keep things light and airy while luxe bedding steals the show.

See the sources for the items in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/add-modern-style-historical-home/

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  1. Great work!!
    Loved the way paintings were composed on the wall..
    well balanced 🙂 …

  2. Hi i love your black cabinet/curio by the kitchen island. Can you share where you got it and what brand?

  3. Shaurya Pratap Thakur

    After seeing so many similar interiors, Now as soon as I see all white type of houses I just increase the speed to 2x…

  4. Ugly kitchen, hanging out in not cozy atmosphere.

  5. LOVE this look!

  6. Hate that expression..' hanging out'….over used

  7. Your speech. Where you from?

  8. That black is pretty harsh. How about some color instead?

  9. Beautiful ❤ My favorite part was the artwork though

  10. Not historical

  11. Beautiful home!!

  12. I love her accent, can anyone tell me which accent it is?

  13. Guillaume de Warenne

    ‘Non-functioning fireplace’…? It’s about as clever and desirable as non-functioning genitalia.

  14. I love the style of this designer


  16. it is very nice

  17. it is very nice

  18. this is very beautiful n tastefully done house.

  19. Stunning home! Would anybody be able to tell me the artist of the white sculptures displayed at 0:55?

  20. Pretty much my dream house! Love the mix of classical and more contemporary pieces. And this has given me so many ideas that I'm going to try and recreate in our tiny 2-bed. Thanks for sharing!