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Interior Design — Great Room & Kitchen Design Tips

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, Lynda Reeves shows off the great room and kitchen of The Princess Margaret Hospital Showhouse. Get living room and kitchen decorating ideas in this video, featuring stunning sofas and windows. In the kitchen area, a custom island, cabinets, countertops and unique chandeliers take centre stage.

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  1. it looks like a hotel..very impersonal…but classic..

  2. No tips and lots of no-content words such as great, like, look, fabulous, gorgeous, things, decorative, pretty, worderful, interesting…. DULL and empty vocabulary!

  3. Hi sweetie everything's are look beautiful and very nice and great job and gorgeous colors and styles and God bless you and your family my friend

  4. the floor looks dirty and dark

  5. nice but introduction was boring

  6. sparklyrainbowbunny

    Hello, where are the chandeliers from again? I don't understand it from the video. thank you

  7. 2 dishwashers? o,o never heard of such a home.. even a party home o,o I honestly like it.. because while one is running, you can still fill the other one, and store dirty dishes in them.. instead of storring the leftover dirty dishes int he sink, waiting for the dishwasher to finish.. nice o,o

  8. Socorro Castro Acevedo

    Ideas para hacer una chimenea decorativa

  9. Pain in the ass windows – ever tried cleaning them? I had them and hated myself every time I had to clean them.

  10. Adore the dark window panes and light colors

  11. countertops..?? London fog by Ciot. Seen these else where.
    Home and garden. Fresh old world kitchen…check that out they mention London Fog by Ciot..look the same as in this video..Hope that helps.

  12. This presenter does a great job. Fantastic, helpful video.

  13. My favorite video of all times, thats 110% of my taste! Great designers!

  14. Hi, it is wonderful and lovely. It is my dream and will never come through. I spend almost all day in the kitchen. Input have to see my kitchen . Every single item is from goodwill. I designed my kitchen with low budget. Good job.

  15. WorldwideTapestries

    I love lighter colored floors like in this room as it is light and uplifting… And yes, as it is all neutrals, it really flows from room to room.

  16. What is the name/number of the light grey caesarstone kitchentops? Thanks!

  17. may not quite be the kitchen of my dreams, but it is definitely fabulous.

  18. this krups coffee maker 4:47 here in greece costs 350 euro… God its very beautiful but very very expensive!

  19. where should i click the next video for another room? lol

  20. i love the kitchen

  21. The Tile work in the kitchen the the deep stainless steal sink are fabulous!

  22. What!! No Sub-Zero refrigerator? No sale here then!

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