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Interior Design — Galley Kitchen Makeover

Designer Sarah Keenleyside of Qanuk Interiors makes the most of an outdated galley kitchen. Learn how tricks like removing upper cabinets and adding open shelving can make a kitchen seem larger.

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  1. imposible to add higher numbers in bs as argentina beautilull work

  2. Love this site! Great videos for interior design ideas! I would love to see paint colors in all videos. Would love to know the gray paint color used in this video.

  3. That is a very expensive refrigerator at least $6,000.

  4. Marlove DolceVita

    wow, very nice make over

  5. I hate only lower cupboards. I am tall.

  6. Beautiful design. The designer was good about explaining everything. She has the looks, knowledge and the attitude to be on TV. Unfortunately, like many young women, every one of her sentences ended with an inflection up. Like, everything is a question? It's annoying to the listener. Other than that, it was a great presentation.

  7. I love this kitchen. Where can I fine the same backsplash?

  8. All the right choices!  Just stunning!  I'm typically not a fan of open shelving, but in this space it's beautiful; almost necessary.

  9. Oh my! At first glance I thought you’re Gwyneth Paltrow!

  10. Looks great!

  11. Paid in baked goods?!

  12. Wow it is so nice!!!!!!!!!

  13. Beautiful. Great color and design. Love this so much.

  14. Eugenie Isaiah 41:10

    Very pretty (it’s different). My favorite is the backsplash.

  15. D Ishappywithlife

    👍🏽not white!!! Perfect design

  16. Clara Krisch Torbisco

    beautiful backsplash, great choice of colour to brighten up the kitchen, creative use of wood to make the space look warmer… great kitchen altogether

  17. So nice to see no uppers cabinets ! Bravo 👍🏾

  18. Beautiful 💐

  19. Rug looks way off in this space.

  20. Lovely!

  21. Wonder how much a makeover like this will cost.

  22. Perfect

  23. LKA has a list of fridge freezers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf7Mjp-Tcik

  24. B E A U tiful. I need open shelves.

  25. What's the name of the white paint please?….

  26. Looks great.

  27. these cabinets are to die for. we just moved into a new home and the builder grade cabinets just arent cutting it. I'm obsess with that blue /grey color. can you tell me the details of the paint please? I enjoy the aesthetics of the shelving however I'm not sure it functions as well. Anyway, great job. new subscriber here.

  28. I love the rotary phone..Oh yeah and the kitchen is nice too except for the open shelving.

  29. Looks beautiful but also looks like she lost a lot of storage space

  30. You look like Gwyneth Paltrow!

  31. Gorgeous!

  32. You Had the Power All Along My Dear.’ Yahrah