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Interior Design — Elegant Art-Filled Condo

Designers Neil Jonsohn and Lesley Macmillan share a look inside a sophisticated Toronto condo with stunning views of the city. See how they created a comfortable, contemporary space for celebrated Canadian couple Don Tapscott, an entrepreneur and best-selling author on business technology, and wife Ana Lopes, an active corporate director and philanthropist.

Having moved from a large house where they raised their family, Don and Ana wanted a space that had all the comforts of home — and this two-unit condo delivers just that. Their eclectic collection of Canadian art dresses up the walls, while repurposed furniture from their old home offers a luxe, lived-in feel. Wall dividers separate the rooms and double as storage units, including a hidden bar! In the study, built-ins keep Don’s impressive guitar collection on display. A serene, all-white bathroom is kept simple in design yet exudes warmth.

See the sources for the items in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/elegant-condo-comforts-home/

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  1. There's not a thing I would change in this house, especially not the dog! I'm happy to see a house with beautifully upholstered sofas and chairs. Well done!!

  2. Why EVERY home in H&H always have Hermes blanket?

  3. This is a spectacular home

  4. This is exquisite. One minor comment: All the cherry wood on one wall (built-in cabinets?) is a bit monotonous to look at. But otherwise, I love it!

  5. D Ishappywithlife

    Very nice indeed

  6. Classy

  7. Loved this home!

  8. "We couldn't find a condo with the square footage we wanted so we bought two units and put them together" uuuuuum money goals 😂

  9. Yeah design is great, but what about him, the designer… omg <3

  10. Very elegant and creatively artful and also very homey and inviting!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!  Cheers, GGG

  11. Something I've never understood is the lack of privacy in spaces anymore. Can the whole world not see into thaat bathroom?!

  12. I love the mix of warm and inviting with artsy & contemporary. you just can't go wrong. also, that huge abstract piece is gorgeous!
    …oh! and I just have to add that the homeowner reminds me of Sally Field. am I right? lol.

  13. I really liked it , it's just perfect

  14. seeing the wall divider again in another design…really creative and modern use of space. 💎💎💎💎

  15. I'm not always a fan of all white rooms, but that bathroom is gorgeous!

  16. I like these color

  17. anastasia siregar

    this house is soooo beeeauuutifulll

  18. Breaktakingly bright restroom!

  19. When I'm not sitting in Grammy rehearsals, I'll be able to hear the dialogue. Lol

  20. What a cozy home. Yet fresh and bright!


  22. LOVE THESE VIDS!!! Every single one is an inspiration!!!

  23. Second like. Second comment. 37th view!!! 💕💕💕

  24. Amazing per usual!