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Interior Design — Easy Ways To Update Your Home For Spring

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, see how H&H design editors Jennifer Koper and Lauren Petroff refresh two different rooms using fresh finds from Walmart — in spring’s coolest colour.

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  1. Too much knick knacks around

  2. Yes, because every house needs 3,000 candles.

  3. Not sold. Looks odd….. both looks

  4. The "before" looked much better. The decor cheapened the space.

  5. Too much stuff!! Doesn't like it all. Go ahead and try to clean

  6. can you make a 4 in 1 Video just like this but for spring, summer, fall and winter? that would be awesome! 🙂

  7. I learned a lot from this cheesy video. Decorating is not as complicated as I make it. Just pick 2 colors and stick with it. Very helpful

  8. Looks like walmart threw up in this house. Usually it takes years to gather this much clutter.

  9. As always with American designers the rooms end up looking much too cluttered. The table in the bathroom looks awful too!

  10. Pleaaaase helpe me with your ideas to redecorate my place .. Say ok to send u my photoes n i will appreciate that

  11. Naturally Gifted

    Pretty colors and items but to cluttered for me.

  12. It's pretty but for me it's too mush stuff … am I becoming a minimalist ??

  13. Just a ad…….with cheap stuff

  14. I work at WalMart and I have never seen any of this décor.I wonder if these products are in other Wal-Mart Stores?Or maybe it's comeing yet.

  15. Beautiful!