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Interior Design — Dramatic, Boldly Decorated Family Ikea Kitchen Makeover

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, meet the winners of the Ikea Kitchen Contest and see how their space was transformed from a mismatched mess into a personalized, playful kitchen designed by House & Home’s Sarah Hartill.

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  1. Jaclyn van der Heyden

    ya, F – waste with not detailes. thanks

  2. Does ikea sell these countertops where they flow off the edge?

  3. I really like this! Good project!

  4. I LOVE everything except the window, which looks like cheap vinyl. If they would have made something centered on the wall, perhaps smaller and round, with a sink beneath it, it would have been SO much better. No one wants to look at cabinets when they are doing dishes, and the space there is really weird. Otherwise, wow. I love their sense of style.

  5. Brilliant!

  6. Guys can u check my channel out

  7. this is byfar my favorite makeover ever! always find myself watching this over and over again. you can still see the personality of the owners combined with the designer's aesthetic

  8. Anne-Catherine Mulhern

    The kitchen was absolutely beautiful. The only thing I have a problem with is the new window. The original window was a perfect architectural feature and now it looks like a garage window with very poor dimensions. I know why they did it, but I still think it was a bad choice.

  9. I love the wallpaper, does anyone know if I can get this in the UK?

  10. soooo nice…lucky!

  11. Katherine Standing

    house & home canada should adjust their name to house and home ontario!!  time to represent the rest of the country house & home people!!

  12. Katherine Standing

    let me guess… they're from Toronto… 

  13. Cool video! Homes n cooking would love to share your video on our blog!

  14. captainofallninjas

    I wish they put another window in the kitchen. It'll make the kitchen brighter

  15. Would have been nice if the video had shown the kitchen and cabinet layout in greater detail and explained all the features (while cutting down the amt of time devoted to random chatter of the couple).  Congrats to them on winning the contest.

  16. I like it.  It's a shame the sink couldn't be under the window.  I know it's expensive to move plumbing but that would be a must.  I like the color and the counter tops. The wallpaper is not my thing.  I do like the sliding door in the living area.
    Did the kid just get rat poison out from the cabinet?  No locks?

  17. LOVE the cabinet colour, living room wall colour, & wallpaper. The clashy gingham curtain would get to me though. Maybe a pale tan/ blonde wood colour instead?

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