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Interior Design | DIY Family Photo Gallery | How to hang pictures

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  1. Great! This works perfectly….oh unless you don’t have dry wall like 90% of the planet

  2. Bert Bert Bert

  3. Best one yet! Thank you.

  4. I don't have a wall, how do I hang?

  5. I will definitely use this from now on 💕

  6. Love this trick!

  7. We found great little app for the iphone called Hang-a-pic to hang pictures evenly across any space. It does all the math for you and shows you exactly where to mark your nail positions. It saved us the headache of trying to figure out where to hammer in the nails evenly for hanging pictures. Just a great time saver for this kind of thing. Not sure if there is an android version though.

  8. The tape idea is one I will definitely use, but my house walls are concrete, not so friendly😉

  9. Do you like to "do it yourself" ?

  10. so thrilled they have invented non wall damaging removable thingy's.

  11. Manpreet Kaur Sidhu

    thats cool …I hope I can use that

  12. Genius

  13. Going to use

  14. Wow, great idea. I was trying to figure out how to hang my pics until now. thx

  15. I am definitely going to hang my pics like this!

  16. concrete wall??? this wont work

  17. yea that was so simple and cool i would most deff use it

  18. Handsome AND Brilliant!!!
    Excellent Tutorial!

  19. Thank you! Great video

  20. Angelina Phillips dr_philsmrs

    I freaking ❤️ this sooo much i cant even. Thanks guys👍🏼

  21. Brilliant!

  22. How come I never saw this before?? Great trick Grayson!

  23. Susan Marchand Latulippe

    Will definetly use that nail idea Thanks

  24. I will be using this idea. its very simple

  25. Chrysopelea HOBBIES

    what do you do if one of the nails hits the stud behind the wall? i don't think you can push it in like that.

  26. Patty Crazy About Crafting

    awesome!!! I have never seen anything so great when it comes to picture hanging!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I will definitely be using this idea! 🙂

  27. fabulous!!!

  28. genius! What else you got!

  29. THANK YOU.

  30. I have a concrete and brick wall at my place, how to work with that ?

  31. A very helpful tip. 👍🏻💖

  32. Great tip! Only for wooden/plywood/plaster walls?

  33. Genius!!!!!

  34. Awesome technique 👍

  35. Love the real how to's! ❤️

  36. at 3 minutes into the video as you show putting the first picture on the wall…how was the picture holding to the wall before you set the nails?

  37. Why weren't your pictures lined up on the wall like they were on your template using the 2 inch tape?

  38. Thks,Thks,Thks,,,,brilliant,who knew? Well besides you. I'm a little fuzzy on the lay of the tape. Where does one start. Do you measure to the exact center of total allotted space and tape on each side then go out from there? I'm sure I can figure it out in a take or two. Now I can have a family wall. 😂

  39. Thanks for the info… You made it look soo easy! Is there a certain height that the center of the group needs to be????

  40. Thank you for doing this video, I've been "working" on my gallery wall for almost a year and finally decided to finish it. glad I came across your video, never thought about hanging photos that way using the drill and nails!

  41. Wow! What a great concept. We are moving into our new home this coming July and I am so glad I came across this video. We will be doing a picture wall so this is the ticket. Thank you so much!!!!!

  42. Great idea.