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Interior Design — DIY Cottage-Style Home

Decor and DIY blogger Kim Power shares a look inside her cottage-inspired home. Get her tips on how to live with white decor, plus thrifty DIY ideas that add character to a space.

Boasting an urban farmhouse look, Kim’s small house features white as the dominant hue, but it’s far from stark. In the living room, slip-covered couches and chairs are topped with a mix of store-bought and handmade pillows, while plywood shiplap walls offer a cottage feel. Beadboard was added to a wall in the breakfast nook and the peninsula in the kitchen for a hit of country. The kitchen cabinets were painted white to match the palette in the rest of the home. Kim’s collection of ironstone jugs displayed on open shelves offers yet another dash of personality.

See the sources in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/kim-power-home-tour-white-decor/

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  1. this woman seems so sweet!!:)

  2. I love everything you have done.l watch it over and over again and wish I could live there.

  3. I love how the house is dominant while but still feel cozy.
    A lot of time people paint their home white and ended up looking cold.
    And I love how she incorporate natural color and blue, it feels so refreshing but not overwhelming.
    I can see myself enjoying the house as well.

  4. Really beautiful! <3

  5. strawberriesncandii

    I love how homey the decor is. It's beautiful.

  6. OMG, you had me at the doggie.  Sooooo cute!

  7. ManasKumar Behera

    All those white covered furniture looks dead and cold

  8. Where did you buy your slip covers, from Canada?

  9. Love all of that white :). So clean and crisp. Great job!

  10. Lyn's Sussex Life

    Beautiful home ! Really love the white, it's fresh clean and airy, I am working through my own home right now with gallons of white paint.

  11. I love this but not enough colour for me! I love the thrifted table! Beautiful! I love the pillows from rugs! I might give that a try!

  12. Beautiful…

  13. Live Laugh Love __MM

    Beautiful place! I want my place to look like that.

  14. I couldn't take all that white, but I do love all the wood. I'll have to look up her blog for the diy info.

  15. Amazingly done white. It looks so warm and welcoming, yet airy and fresh.

  16. white and light .angel sprit

  17. ohhh… how i love this style.. ! Finally what I have always loved is trendy.. Without being too specific.. I have been loving this style for MANY years… : D

  18. well done DIY woman

  19. HippoDino Reserve

    Just watching this makes me calm. Her style suits me. She's created a calming oasis – a perfect balance to hectic, modern life.

  20. Forget say the use of different materials and textures add a rich visual interest to your home decor.

  21. Beautiful and harmonious ambience. The natural wood, greenery and flowers, the touch of blue and Butter make this house so cozy. Tfs.

  22. Simply beautiful

  23. needs more Butters

  24. I love White looks so clean and fresh and makes your home looks so large

  25. Your home is beautiful, warm and serene. You say you don't have much art, but you have some beautiful pictures (family?) and that warms up your space too. I love that you've controlled your spending by finding second hand and "as is" furniture. Thanks for the great tips. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful home! 🙂

  26. Very Beautiful .. I decorated my home in white and had a white theme in several rooms…however after a few years of serene, white calmness, it begins to feel cold and cheerless – almost bleak. I'm so glad we have brought back some colour to our rooms.

  27. would luv to get the paint color because white is tricky….doesn't want it to look too sterile.

  28. what is the name of the paint color you have on the walls, and who makes it?

  29. love it, feels so calming.

  30. I LOVE Your house!I love color white!

  31. I absolutely love your rooms and will follow your lead I had a dog just like butter and I miss him so much . It warmed my heart to see Butter. Your home is beautiful and once again I just love it for I find it inviting, comfortable and warm . Thank you for sharing this beautiful decor.

  32. Lovely home…M♡M of 5

  33. Absolutely gorgeous home! 😀

  34. looove

  35. Beautiful, yes. But I find it boring… no art? That's a sin, in my humble opinion. Nice, but I love colour and contrast.

  36. Your home is beautiful!!! I love white too! 👌🏻

  37. I dislike white walls and I hate covers and I still love what you did to your place. Amazing!

  38. I would love to go in her place one day and paint her walls dark chacoal, black or deep navy. Curious to see how's that gonna turn out. LoL just kidding

  39. Very nice.

  40. lovely lovely!!!

  41. that is definitely a lot of white! her house is on trend. definitely giving that coastal feel. I have NEVER met a slip cover that was easy to take on and off of furniture unless it was a sheet. I would've never guessed this was a two-story house. I really like her oval coffee table. the one thing I must say. I was surprised that she's married bc this looks like the home of a single woman. I cannot imagine a man living in all of this white. her home looks showroom quality. it's really beautiful…I just know I couldn't handle all of that crisp white on the walls and the furniture.

  42. I love your style and confidence. It's beautiful! I'm saving this video for future home decor reference 💙.

  43. I find I relax more in a white enviroment as well. It also is who I am. I prefer texture to block colour. Though my home has a few splashes of multi colours in accessories.
    I love your home, its beautiful.

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