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Interior Design — Comfortable & Grand Renovated Old Family Home

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, Toronto designer Sam Sacks outlines the steps she took to turn a major fixer-upper into a dream home for her family of five. See how Sam uncovered surprises (like a gracious wood staircase hidden behind a plaster wall) and made the original 1910 features look fresh, plus see how salvaged doors help personalize this formerly ‘decrepit duplex.’

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  1. omg people calm down!! she painted over some damn wood. jeezus. you'd think the world was ending with all of the bitching and whining in this comment section over a damn ceiling. you do realize the paint can be stripped and the ceiling can be taken back to what it was before, right??
    ..and FYI she painted it white because it was way too heavy and dark and probably made the space feel like a cave. so there's that…

  2. Flight Of Spice Blog

    We underestimate the power of our surroundings

  3. Elaine Aparecida Morandi da Silva Soares

    Linda ,maravilhosaaa,gorgeus!

  4. old and new mixed , very fresh and contemporary not dreary or tired. Love it it breathes fresh life. Come on people lighten up … why should old remain dark and heavy? It's about personal style and taste. She has good taste in mixing it up…it works.

  5. This is So Simple. Easy Enough for Anyone could do.

  6. Where did you get the pantry doors?

  7. This was decrepit and dilapidated?

  8. Less Waste KY Home

    Noooooooo. Give us back thr original home!

  9. I cannot believe you painted the coffered ceiling….

  10. She painted that beautiful wood in the ceiling … omg she deserves a slap smh

  11. GORGEOUS!!! Wrestling with wanting to paint my master white but you have to pick just the right color!

  12. I recently bought and renovated my very first house so I completely understand why she said the house was in bad shape before she did any work to it. to just quickly glance at the 'before' pics is one thing but once you really take a good look around in person, you find SO many things wrong with a house, esp if it's older. so don't judge. trust me, nobody wants to have to spend a ton of money on their reno, so if she says the house was in bad shape I believe her. plus it's HER home and if she's happy with what she's done to it, then that's ultimately all that matters. personally I would have changed a FEW things but other than that, I think she did a great job. it's gorgeous, looks very fresh and welcoming. nicely done.

  13. Decrepit? Dilapidated? How much renovation design experience does this woman have? I would kill for most houses to start off that "bad".

  14. sara mohammad anarwala

    loved the dining room windows 😍

  15. I can believe she covered up that woodwork in the dining room I'm sick.

  16. American English is very interesting. In almost every video they describe, spaces, areas, places … as 'moments'. I really don't understand this. Can someone please explain why that is? For me, a moment is to do with time. So how are they using 'moment' to describe an area or design?

  17. OK… does anyone else think the before looked REALLY nice? haha! She is exaggerating A LOT in my opinion!

  18. She acts like she did the house a favor.

  19. That gorgeous giant dog though! <3

  20. The before photos are AMAZING!!!

  21. no shower in the master bathroom? That's not very practical.

  22. Too much white color in kitchen and bathroom… Too plain

  23. Too much white color…

  24. she painted over the wood on those AMAZING DINING ROOM CEILINGS??? WOW IM SO ANGRY

  25. Not resisting just defending

    She looks like the dragon from the Never ending story

  26. This type of house can become really heavy and claustrophobic. I am impressed that she achieved a complete comfort zone for all the occupants and kept a spacious look throughout. Serendipity. I don't think we saw a photograph of the plastered in staircase so we don't get to see the heavy, closed in feeling that might have existed before. It was a shame to cover up the dark wood on the ceiling but stripping it would have been the only alternative. She kept the best features of the house – which is not a mansion, please remember !

  27. 80 gallons of white paint – Check. Pair of cliche 1980s safari bar stools – Check. Several pairs of rustic (not "traditional") old, paint-stripped doors – Check. Complete lack of appreciation for classic, vintage home style – Check. More dollars than design sense – Check. Sounds like another cookie-cutter, white-washed "designer" job….

  28. Amazing-neat job.

  29. Does anyone know what breed is the dog at 3:43?

  30. why paint the dining room ceiling… OMG

  31. It is shameful that she says this house was decrepit and dilapidated!! Ok so the house wasn't what you thought it could be but PLEASE!!

  32. I thought I haven't thumbs down this vid, turned out I already did. 🙂

  33. She just ruined the house, She could embrace the traditional things but what she did was weird af . She just bought white paint and slathered it. What a loser.  The original house was stunning. She should be ashamed of herself. It wasn't a major fix. It was destroying.

  34. They call it a major fixer-upper. When I hear that I think of a house that has multiple things wrong with it. Antiquated plumbing and wiring and light fixtures. Horrible bathrooms and dilapidated kitchens. Sagging ceilings and dry rot, maybe mold from poor ventilation. I saw none of that in the before pictures. It was beautiful, clean and spacious.

  35. she is Vivian. that house was so beautiful before. beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice