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Interior Design — Classic To Contemporary Makeover

A traditional family home is brought into the 21st century by designers Ashley Tracey and Laura McLellan of The Design Co. See how they transformed the dated home into a contemporary space with a white palette.

Ashley and Laura used paint and oversized mirrors to make the rooms feel larger and brighter. In the living room, expansive windows allow natural light to fill the space. A baby grand piano gives the room a point of focus and bright artwork adds color. In the dining room, soft grey walls let the contemporary dining table and chairs steal the show, while a large oversized mirror expands the space. Wood walls in the office are a handsome contrast to the rest of the home. Ashley and Laura knocked down a dividing wall to create a modern open-concept kitchen that flows into the cozy family room.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/modern-makeover-classic-to-contemporary/


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  1. Elaine Aparecida Morandi da Silva Soares

    I like classic ,I like a mix of design !

  2. Beautiful. Amazing job. ❤️

  3. This gave me some great ideas for my newly painted all white house! Beautiful!

  4. I do like the white walls but the overall design is too sterile. The white cabinets on the white walls and white counter-top are horrific. I wish that the cabinets were darker to contrast with the white. Also, have more color on furniture and a few rustic pieces to add interest.

    The overall vibe has a hospital feel.

  5. I absolutely love it

  6. Congrats on a great transformation! I think the most important point is whether the clients love it since they are the ones living in it. As a designer myself, from the design brief to the final reveal, there is collaboration in between with the client, through mood boards, conversation, tear sheets or digital images so they do know what the end result will be. Based on these wonderful designers comments their clients were very pleased with the final result!

  7. Went from dark and classic to white and classic. It’s pretty. But not contemporary. White does not mean contemporary.

  8. House goals


  10. Woo hoo, I'm doing my house white too, some great ideas here !

  11. Love the painting above sofa. Who is the artist?

  12. I clicked on the link you gave for the items, but it's a link to this same video and doesn't provide any info on where to purchase any items. 🙁

  13. Love that you kept the office wood as is.  Overall, love everything.  I do find most guests don't feel comfortable having a huge mirror in the dinning room.

  14. Love everything but the living room sofa. They really should have taken that area up a notch since the breakfast area had those lovely black chairs as an accent – Either way, gorgeous home! These ladies did a very good job

  15. I like the remodel, except 2 points. The art in the dining room had 2 huge lamps obstructing the enjoyment of the painting, art lovers want to experience the art. Also, not everyone wants so many mirrors. In my experience, it can make guests uncomfortable to have a direct, stark view of themselves (surprise, your lipstick is smeared, or your pants are wicked wrinkled!). I want my guests to feel comfortable, not concerned about their appearance. A smoky mirror is kinder, more gentle – if needed in public spaces. Great art provides a conversation, a mirror invites self critique.

  16. Hello designers , love this temporary style with traditional touches. Do you example for activity room where we have to combine the elliptical and office table ? Thank you

  17. Sincerelyy Eccentric

    So you went from beige to everything white? Such creativity 😑

  18. Overall it is a nice home, but having seen so many houses of the kind it's a bit boring….

  19. so sweet

  20. so sweet

  21. Beige floors, beige walls…then we painted everything white! 🤔

  22. Always the same test same decoration same colors !!bowring

  23. Fake news

  24. Please would you post wall colors mentioned; white and grey white. Thx.

  25. I hate to see how people use orchids as decoration plants and don't have any respect for the beautiful plants that just left them die because of not watering

  26. No way I will not trust a decorator who only knows one color : white. Sterile, Stark, Boring

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