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Interior Design – Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen

Food Network star Michael Smith tours us through his own charming kitchen in P.E.I., where his show Chef Michael’s Kitchen is filmed. Learn his tips for functional kitchen design, from a floor plan and counter height that suits the cook to custom gadget organization. Plus, see how he repurposed materials like barnboard and used local manufacturers and artists from P.E.I.

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  1. ive been watching both at home and at large. which came first.??

  2. Beautiful kitchen. One of my favorite chefs, and enjoy watching your stuff. Thank you.

  3. Me encanta esa cocina !!! Por favor quiero una igual !!😀😀😀

  4. Nice Lighting!

  5. You are one of my favorites Chef's, your cool calm teaching demeanor is addicting… Also the fact that you break the rules and wing the recipes is unusually unique in a famous chef… Wish you had more videos or episodes accessible on Youtube as Chef at home and Chef at Large are incredible but hard to find…
    Excellent kitchen the knife display, cooling rack and spice library are beyond, as a matter of fact I will be creating my own spice library in the near future…

  6. HI WHEN DID FOOD NETWORK SIGN Michael Smith’s Kitchen

  7. I miss his old kitchen with that awesome pantry lol

  8. Too much going on in there, its like a michael smith museum..very nice features tho. I really liked the chef at home kitchen, much cozier and that little nice pantry. Peace

  9. I love it I love blue! I hate minimalist kitchens! a real chef has it set up just like you.everything at hand

  10. This is one amazing kitchen I have ever seen

  11. i like the cooling rack idea

  12. Love how even a master chef has a homey real kitchen.

  13. Wow! This is my dream kitchen. It feels like really home and so true the kitchen is the heart of a home.

  14. uggghhh its so cluttered!!

  15. I have always wondered what Chef Michael's kitchen looked like. It's on TV! Love it.

  16. Love the clock display

  17. my mum and i adore you chef michael smith!

  18. love this guy, marry me!

  19. It's Ramadan here in Iran and this kitchen is tempting me to break my fast. this kitchen deserves to be bombed. Allaho Akbar…

  20. OMG! this guy is so much life 😀

  21. It is wonderful that he was able to customize a kitchen for his personal needs and desires. However, personally, I cringe at all the open (cluttered) storage of everything. Visually, there is too much going on for my taste and secondly, I can't stop thinking about the dust getting in and on EVERYTHING! Especially when you know dust is 80% human skin cells. To me, it's more than a bit cringe-y thinking of open storage in a kitchen! But… to each their own… gotta love custom!!!

  22. This is just so beautiful.
    I love the idea of having cooling racks.

  23. I just got a wealth of ideas for my tiny house kitchen design from this.
    Thanks so much for sharing this kitchen! 🙂

  24. beautiful kitchen…..beautiful chef…..¿quien es la dueña de todo esto?……😉😉😉

  25. What a nice man.

  26. That is the most wonderful kitchen I have ever seen. I love the open pantry and spice library. I have never seen a built in cooling rack area. It does look functional and not just ridiculously fancy.

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