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Interior Design — Bright, Spacious & Refined Neo-Georgian Home

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, designers Michelle Lloyd and Christine Ralphs give a Georgian home a glam Miami vibe. See how they use the standout proportions of this house as a backdrop for cutting-edge art and sculptural furnishings. Lush details such as a contemporary fireplace, graphic carpets and a swoon-worthy dressing room feel fresh.

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  1. Love the interior

  2. So love the console. So house and home

  3. Love the runner

  4. Elizabeth Falconio

    Too sterile

  5. Fantastic. Beachy enough without being too theme-y, and also really high-end looking. Great furniture too.

  6. When you say "super" it cuts the legitimacy of what you are saying in half.

  7. 'Dedicated to watch art in media form' I am sure the kid only watches 'art'. Wackiest thing I've ever heard said

  8. nicely done. I would change just a few minor things but it is a very gorgeous home!! I'm a big fan of making a traditional space look a little more modern. love the mix!

  9. There are so many unique furnitures, love it!!!

  10. I love sofas

  11. I love love love the mix of cozy and modern. there's some really great artwork and awesome statement piece light fixtures in that home, as well. very cool. …I'd live there. lol.

  12. Flooded with natural light. Open and airy. Clean sight lines. Incredible art. Zero crown molding. Love it. Bravo.

  13. Hate it. Any kid who has to conform to that house is going to go mental

  14. Sorry, there is nothing Georgian or Neo-Georgian. No character. I wonder: what is the outside look of this house?

  15. are u kidding me…holly white….

  16. Bonsoir je suis un fervent lecteur de House and Home ou Maison demure. Ici cela me plait beaucoup pour mon prochain appartement.

  17. The closet and bedroom are to die for

  18. I like a white "sterile" kitchen but not white through out the home.  Nice place and thanks for sharing.

  19. It's beautiful but it doesn't feel like home. It's like designed just to look at it not to live in it

  20. I want her scarf!!

  21. 'Honestly…. do i really see' the same design to what she is talking about…. ????/ Beachie, cutting edge, stylie, etc…. stylie maybe but hmmm, maybe its just not my personal preference, yeah that's it…. 🙂

  22. ME-Tube Your Space!

    Too much white, but cute none the less.