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Interior Design — Before & After Bedroom On A Budget

Find out how designer Trish Johnston gave a small master bedroom style on a budget. She used a wall stencil instead of pricey wallpaper, made big-box bedding look high-end and created clothing storage with wardrobes.

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  1. The stencilling is lovely but apart from that it has very little character, all the symmetry reminds me of a hotel rather than a home. Just my opinion .. 🙂

  2. Please can you tell me where you got the bedside tables from! thanks!

  3. great advice! thank you!

  4. Budget? anywhere from $1500 to $4000 easily

  5. Cute! Love the closet!

  6. I need a place to to decorate!

  7. Gurl you did that

  8. Something is off about this room.  I think it's the scale. The end table lamps are way too small for that bed and wall.

  9. The stencilling is so well done. I am going to see if I can find this to do it in my new apt here in France. I think it will save me money instead of making a wall paper job.

  10. super love the bedroom

  11. i-tüpfelchen,das

    Them legs, gorgeous!

  12. very happy to find you again , I watch you when you came to Steve and Chris show .

  13. wow! I just love your colours navy blue and white. The stencil wall design just glamorise it even better. There is good communication colours in the room. Excellent!

  14. I love how the hosts whole outfit matches the room💙

  15. Doesn't look masculine at all but very nice!
    Where to get the stencil?

  16. What would really help with these budget videos, is the author revealing what the budget was or rough estimate if the viewer buys lesser quality items.

  17. this is truly a makeover…
    sooooooooo beautiful!!

  18. I think the cabinet is so tall making the room even smaller.


  20. finally a affordable room!

  21. I need a stenciled wall now 😍

  22. missthunderstormable

    i love this room. The stenci is amazing. The colors …awesome!

  23. Pretty. Love the navy and the stenciled wall. I don't think I'd be patient enough for that so, kudos to whomever did that. Interesting about the symmetry notion. I always prefer balance to symmetry. There's plenty of ways to get balance without sameness. Makes it more interesting, I think. Overall; striking. Thanks for telling us about the 12" option on the armoires.

  24. I love these kind of rooms but my room would never ever look like this

  25. Love the tips stencils in place of wall paper . I'm going navy in my master .Overstock is great place to get bargains but you must kept checking …

  26. It's gorgeous but those wardrobes alone are not even budget, I looked at buying them and for that size I'd guess $1500 at least for them if not more with the accessories, baskets and such. The paint stencil would be more budget friendly though, the whole room is gorgeous and I'd love to live in it but budget friendly seems a stretch.

  27. I like the navy as a masculine anchor to the room, but I am not a fan of that light blue/turquoise. I also feel like the new gold/brass accents are on trend at the moment. Later on down the line I think that will date the room like avocado green dates a 70s room. Otherwise nicely done.

  28. love the dark walls, often time we use the " dark color make a room feel small" with to broad a stroke when it really depends what else you do in the room. That room is dramatic navy but the glossy white pax and the bedsheets make it feel larger.

  29. fantastic

  30. I adore how she matched the room with her outfit and jewelry!

  31. Which online site you used?


    I love giant doors

  33. Somehow the sun got a makeover and became brighter as well haha.

  34. Crafting! At The Disco

    why is she so suprised about online shopping, its my favorite type of shopping and alot of the places i buy from have way better quality than stores.

  35. Chrome handles on one cupboard and gold on the other. Not a fan.

  36. beautiful
    i like it alot 🙂

  37. I love the bedhead with studs. Could you tell me where you can find it ?

  38. Where did you purchase the navy pillows?

  39. beautiful
    and in such a tiny space,

  40. Do you design bedrooms in NY? How do I get in touch with you?

  41. Super Annie Oakley

    Gorgeous! I never would have thought to put dark navy in the whole room…well except the wall behind the bed, which is absolutely beautiful. I used it in my dining room on one wall as a focal point and to give depth. I love it!

  42. so lovely thanks

  43. Really talented designer

  44. I never thought of Navy for a master bedroom. But you made it look amazing! Might try the color for my dinning room/kitchen area? Great Job!

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