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Interior Design | Beautiful Homes in California | Reveal #2

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Interior Design, Beautiful Homes in California, Watch the 7 minute REVEAL video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or7m5_705vs
Interior Design Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you on a walkthrough of an Interior Design project she’s been working on for 18 months. With just 5 days left before Rebecca and team begin the final phase of the project, she walks you through the second floor of the home and explains the construction and finishes used to create a Dream Home for Southern California clients.

If YOU are interested in contacting Rebecca for more information on how you can become a Robeson Design client, contact us at http://www.robesondesign.com/

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  1. Victor Rodrigues

    Rebecca, where's the 20 minute floor two video? Before the furnishings and stuff… 🙂

  2. A rapping paper rack

  3. Wrapping paper

  4. something to do with arts mabie a wrapping
    paper thingy

  5. Wrapping paper center I love your videos

  6. TV!! 

  7. Wrapping paper station!!!!☺️ love your videos

  8. Where did you get the crystal knobs for the bathroom sink!?????

  9. Bed

  10. how much does this cost to fix the whole house i would love for u to fix mine

  11. Warping paper

  12. What is the name of the paint you used on the walls?

  13. Susana Contreras- Blanco

    A fireplace or tv

  14. I have watched these over and over … love them!

  15. Sorry for the dreadful spelling ect I meant DO the same* and horrid furniture IN there*

  16. 1. That is amazing!!!!!!!! It's it a lovely house even if u painted black and put horrid furniture it there the style of the house is great! 2. I would love that to be my house or you do do the same to mine!!! Its modern but traditional at the same time love it! Modern for the stairs but traditional for example the farmhouse sink! Just….. Wooooooooooooowwwwwwww xxxxxx

  17. I am having trouble getting this channel in my subscription box. I get your other channel, but this one I always have to search for.

  18. Sky Expert Channel

    I think it is space to hang the TV screen on it,and other shelves are for some accessories

  19. im in love with that ladder thing you design! thats sooooo cooll

  20. love this house it is seriously my dream house!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  21. the closet

  22. i lve this house

  23. OMG!!! U r AWESOME DESIGNER!!…U r my favorite designer channel to watch. LOVE ur personality!!.. it reflects happiness in your life n love for what u do. God bless you with many more good health n life…I hope to learn some great tips for my future home. 🙂

  24. definebeautiful01

    Omg this is like my dream house!! Ur soo great at what you do!! Love you!

  25. I love the pashmina color, and Iam trying it in May master bedroom, I love the color but not sure it would do well in the rest of the house because not a lot of light in certain area, I'm looking for a neutral color, but I love pashmina, any suggestions

  26. 0:45 It's for a Plasma!

  27. TheGreenAppleHome

    ladder was amazing for bunks! love the little details! 😀

  28. Wrapping papers

  29. two things, first;
    i think that a tv will go in that space, or a huge corkboard to display crafts,
    i reallly cant get over how much i love this house!!! 🙂 🙂

  30. I can't stand it I can't stand it!!!! I can't stand waiting to see your final project. It's sooooooo amazing!!

  31. that wall is either for a TV or………….art

  32. BathroomVanitiesHelp

    That tub is AMAZING! 🙂

  33. zaaitika carolyn

    Place to hang canvas so she can paint cause this wall belongs to craft room