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Interior Design, Beautiful home remodel

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Meet San Diego Interior designer Rebecca Robeson as she describes the Velazquez family extreme home makeover on the San Diego KUSI news. Walk through the home that was featured on the cover of “San Diego Home Garden Lifestyles” magazine.

All of the rooms shown here are exclusive Robeson Designs and are not “borrowed” from other sources!

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For more information about Rebecca Robeson and Robeson Design, please visit http://RobesonDesign.com.

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  1. so cool! your on the news! famous 😂😂

  2. Rebecca, I have seen modern home designs you have done (great) but this is my style!! Incredible!! Where is the home (city) and how many square feet? The exterior looks like an average size ranch, but not the inside! Also, what was the approx. cost for the reno, and does that include the beautiful new furniture?

  3. we have those types of candles they are easy safe and very pretty and realistic

  4. Omg I loved the interior design!!

  5. Hello Rebecca, I love all your work and I continue to tell my husband that one day I would love you to come to my home and do a complete make over.  Thank you for always sharing.

  6. love the color scheme and the wrought iron, it's so vintage I LOVE IT

  7. OH… MY… GOD… this is beautiful! You are so fortunate! You're such a great designer!

  8. Stunning! Rebecca you are beautiful and have an amazing gift! Has anyone ever called you the House Whisperer? Love and blessings!

  9. wow! it is amazing how you can create something new every time you enter a room! your inspiration seems never ending! that is great!

  10. Love home decorating, love looking at beautiful rooms, love this video!

  11. That was funny. Love everything!!!!

  12. What an awesome showcase on your local news!! 🙂 Your design sense is timeless…while most interior decorators design with the fads, your work speaks for itself over and over again. Loving your channel! 🙂

  13. They wanted to move into a "big house"?? What exactly is the definition of 'big' according to them??!!??!!

  14. they're living in my dream home!

  15. Thank you so much Jack. You really flatter me. I'm glad Google sent you here. I hope you were able to view a few more of our videos. We love what we do and we love sharing it with the world!
    We shall see regarding Architectural Digest. National publication would be a blessing for sure!
    Thanks again,

    P.S. You might enjoy checking out our Blog. I am very proud of it. Lots of great ideas and design tips you can use in your own home!

  16. I was kinda bored so I googled ''beautiful house tour'' and got your video as first result.When I saw it I was stunned it's so gorgeous it's breathtaking. You seem surprised your work is featured in a magazine,you shouldn't be in a local magazine you should be featured in a national magazine like ''Architectual Magazine'' I've seen the designs in there and you should definitley be in there . You're really so much bigger .

  17. WOW,
    Lucky people who live here.
    Good to know San Diego has some great talent in Interior Design.
    I'll have to flag this video for future reference!
    Good luck Robeson Design.

  18. thanks deluded for sharing this, it's beautifully done!

  19. Thank you David,
    I understand there are few people who live like this. They are blessed in deed! In return, these clients open their home on a regular basis to kids groups and church activities. Their back yard is a wonderland park. Something most of us only dream of. I am happy for them and it was a great project for my company. The cover and 8 1/2 page editorial has brought us 3 large projects for 2010.
    I feel blessed as a result.
    Thanks for your kind remarks!

  20. Thank you maishiranui33. I appreciate your sentiment.
    Although I have no aspirations for television, it is a compliment when these opportunities come my way.
    Keep checking back on my channel, you never know what we will be uploading next!
    Thanks again, RR

  21. What a nice compliment gisellefan1, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. If you recognize any particular touch it would be the taste of the clients. I take the responsibility of capturing my clients personal taste and bent very seriously. It's what makes my work so much fun. At the same time we were working on this home, we were creating a modern beach house for New York transplants. See "Robeson Design Transforms Tract Home"
    for a completely different look.
    Thanks again,

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