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Interior Design — A Youthful Multipurpose Dining Room

H&H style expert Reiko Caron plays up the layered, eclectic feel of a renovated dining room by accenting the walls with DIY lights and art, adding a settee and using inexpensive accents.

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  1. Like it, but I hate the "paintings"

  2. Great, except for the lights…

  3. I like the wallpaper and the unusual table set up, but she added too much stuff making it look too cluttered.

  4. Too crowded for me, and the sofa is big no

  5. That settee, sofa to you and me, is too low to eat one's supper on…

  6. Matafanua Tamatoa

    So many tables

  7. terrie bissonnette

    The edison bulbs hanging off the very expensive wallpaper, and all the crap on the table, no….just goes to show that even designers can have a decorating snafoo. Table would be more useable with just 1 vase of flowers. Decorators always go overboard with the junk.

  8. that's crap, not art

  9. Joe Darwin Arnejo

    yah, I don't like it, its an eyesore.

  10. horrible

  11. 👌🏽 great ! I love the sofa…… do you maybe know where it comes from please ☺?

  12. looks cluttered!

  13. I agree with most who posted that if does feel a bit crowded.  When having folks over for dinner, you'll need to remove all those items on the table and put them where?  I was a bit disappointed when she said that she wanted it to look like a library when not in use so I expected a smaller chair right by the window with a smaller table for books.  Over-all, it's not a bad design. Oh, and too many pillow on the small sofa.

  14. anitadecor1 Franklin

    I agree, I did not like those lights fixtures everything else beautiful

  15. Why most of the videos in this channel seem good for pictures only but unpractical?!

  16. As always – decent ideas drowned in decorative knick-knacks.

  17. Love the settee with the table. What about seating dimensions in this area alone, please? I'm a pink nut too so loved the doodle pink prints.

  18. Midnightarrival7

    I don't get this, now it doesn't really function as a good reading area or dining area. It is kind of impractical for both. You don't want to read at a dining table and you don't want to eat in an area cluttered by books and plants. You have to rearrange the space to really use it. Want to eat? Move everything out. Want to read? Move the table out to sit on the sofa.

  19. how can you live in that? It looks good for the picture, not for life

  20. the sette seems to ruin the whole effect for me. It doesn't appear as a bank at that she suggested it just looks like a small sofa stuffed behind the dining table. And it didn't make sense if you have all that's eating why would you clear the table up. that little note would have been more ideal for just a wing chair or something like that and maybe a single plant stand. was not a fan of the lighted either although the wallpaper was very nice and gave a nice mural effect. love the waterfall console table. And the abstract art was nice as well.

  21. I like the wallpaper and settee.  Those wall lights would b e great for my attic.