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Interior Design — A Two-Toned Kitchen Makeover

Designer Linnea Lions tours a kitchen she designed in homeowner Chantal McKinnon’s 100-year-old home. Learn how she maximized space and storage in a closed kitchen layout while keeping style in mind.

When Chantal first moved into this home, the kitchen lacked function, had dated appliances and was in need of a modern update. She wanted a two-tone kitchen with light uppers and dark grey lower cabinets for a graphic yet airy feel. The space also needed additional storage. The first thing Linnea tackled was hiding the chimney stack with a pantry wall featuring shallow cabinets and pull-out storage. Right next to it, a servery was created with open shelving and a full-height backsplash. A large island with storage grounds the space, and is perfect for entertaining guests. Floating shelves made from reclaimed wood add warmth to the grey and white palette.

See the sources for the items in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/organized-modern-family-kitchen/

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  1. It's unbelievable how you transformed the old kitchen in something that is so cohesive. I love the color pallette especially the wood accents!

  2. The full wall of cabinet in front of the sink will annoys me a lot…you will have your face at few inch of the door when you do your dishes. Unless you like to rest you forehead on it.

  3. Eamon Cronnelly

    The sink is directly below a wall cabinet. Thats never a good idea.

  4. There's only one small window in the kitchen but the kitchen itself is acutally nice

  5. This might be a dumb question but how do you hang the floating shelves without messing up the backsplash?

  6. The sink facing a wall with cabinets above seems a little strange to me

  7. Eugenie Isaiah 41:10

    I agree with the no sink in the island. Nice kitchen but it seems kinda small.

  8. Gorgeous! this is satisfying because it's totally my style! 😘😘😘

  9. Great inspiration! What is the paint colour for the lower cabinets?

  10. Those cabinets are incredible! I love how you put the pulls at the top of the shaker style design. So practical! Great job House and Home. Love all of your features.

  11. The old kitchen didn't look bad to me but the new kitchen definitely looks amazing! c:

  12. need more open shelves.. looks strange with one on each side…

  13. Lovely!!!

  14. Looks like the stove stands too high

  15. is that a dishwasher to the left of the sink?

  16. Just purchased an investment rental. Love this remodel. The tile backsplash is so nice!

  17. do you have any videos that show case a home bar? I have an indoor outdoor space on a walk out basement, and wanted a nice bar!

  18. MakeupByDiana529

    love this! where are the copper salt and pepper things from?

  19. Absolutely beautiful!

  20. "This is my dream kitchen!" My thoughts exactly…

  21. where is that circular cutting board from?

  22. Dexter Barrientos

    Compared to before, this is way way way better considering her space. A Clean, modern, functional and stylish kitchen. Congrats!!