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Interior Design — A Modern-Meets-Farmhouse Home

Natural materials like stone, rocks, concrete, steel and wood inspired this home’s modern, serene design by architect Gloria Apostolou of Post Architecture. See how she balanced the clean lines of the space with rustic details for a modern-meets-farmhouse feel.

Black-framed steel doors and windows are a standout feature throughout the home, offering incredible views to the backyard, where a painted lilac tree acts as sculpture. Wood and steel dominate in the modern kitchen, while a modern picket was added to the old staircase for a contemporary effect.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! those industrial doors/windows…gorgeous!!

  2. Love the painted tree idea to use it as sculpture, but I would have painted it black.

  3. Fantastic

  4. hi , this a very beautiful design. how can i contact u? i like the industrial glass door frames. can i apply the same idea for an apartment?

  5. Love it!

  6. breathtakingly beautiful!

  7. I would hate to drop my keys running down the stairs lol

  8. a nice mish mash…but not seeing the farmhouse element. The building looked more townhouse

  9. PranaGirl AmericanHoney

    Do you have to worry about the heating bill at all, during the winter, those gorgeous windows on the front and back of the house?

  10. I don't understand that one small room that is enclosed within the glass and steel framed doors and walls.  Was that the entry way?

  11. LOOOVE it! really beautiful house

  12. It seems odd…the American pronunciation of all words other than process.

  13. Modern meets farmhouse??? No, i don't see it.

  14. All over the place with materials..etc. not cohesive..

  15. luv it freaking brilliant !!!

  16. I want to see second floor

  17. Beautiful! Loving those black framed windows!

  18. That staircase is a total triumph

  19. Alec Spencer-Parker

    Love it

  20. μπραβο! πολλη καλη δουλεια!

  21. Hmm, yes, I also love those well known NATURAL materials, concrete and steel…..