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Interior Design – A Modern Century Home That Wows!

Ornate moldings contrast modern decor in this stunning century home inspired by classic Haussmann apartments in Paris. H&H‘s Joel Bray shares how homeowner and decorator Elizabeth Margles revamped the space to give it a cool, artful vibe.

The century home came with beautiful original detailing and high ceilings, so all it needed was a refresh. Elizabeth gave the entire house a fresh coat of paint in Chantilly Lace (OC-65) by Benjamin Moore. They brought in contemporary furniture in bright colors with sleek, angular lines to contrast the home’s classic bones. A monolithic coffee table and geometric chairs look striking in the living room, while a mod light fixture from New York’s MoMa Store is the focal point in the entryway. In the dining room, a mahogany dining table with velvet chairs freshens up the look. Built-in storage was added to the bedroom and den, and an impressive art collection makes a bold statement on the white walls throughout.

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  1. OmG I've got to know which white paint is used here!!! I've been hunting for the perfect glowing white and am deciding between BM Chantilly lace or Decorators White. Please help!!

  2. Nice remake but not WoW. I realize that women love lots of unnnecessary dust catchers/pillows etc, but they Distract and take away rather than punch or add. The biggest statement is the all white palette, then color/texture/artwork/utility etc is built on that. White has been THE NOW color for 5 years though many are just seeing it. It enlarges, brings youth and that CLEAN look and feel. White also reflects sunlight adding cheer and purity. The main room has too many conflicting elements trying to balance each other and needs a focal point. It functions more as a furniture showroom. If you have pieces you cannot live without but do not all work together, then put something in storage for awhile then rotate which will keep it interesting. Kitchens and baths are normally painted mostly white because with their water features they are ruled by the moon and though feminine do not have to look too feminine to work well. When a project is seamless you can walk from end to end and feel/sense the continuity. Remember the Japanese motto – Less is Always More.
    Professionally, I give this project a 7.

  3. Still it's looks like an empty canvas
    All modern designers are obsessed with cold white theme

    Real challenge is using colors yet bringing that wow vibe

  4. Bože, veď to je hrôza! Drevené obklady stien, mali by byť tak viditeľné. Zatreté všetko na bielo?! Pôsobí to tak studeno a chladno.Viktoriánsky štýl má byť ďaleko hrejivejšieho vzhľadu a dojmu po vstupe do domu. Toto čo je?

  5. The living room has no focal point, and the house needs more art… and those two tables together NO.

  6. I don't like it, i would've done it differently for sure but everyone has their own style

  7. gorgeous!!! I am obsessed with all the awesome artwork in this home. i want that Chris Nicholls print, the Heidi Leverty print and that colorful dining room rug. everyone that says this home is too stark and boring, has no taste or a friggin' clue when it comes to design.

  8. That's my sistas haus

  9. i love this concept…artsy in a traditional (almost victorian) space. very funky. very unique. good stuff!

  10. great enterior

  11. Does anybody knows where the round crystal coffee table in front of the sofa is from? Also, de side table by this same gray sectional sofa?

  12. Love it! The juxtaposition of the modern art, fun colors/pieces and the traditional bones creates a stunning space! xx

  13. I agree that was really beautiful shade of blue

  14. javedanila11 javedanila


  15. So pretty! Where did you get the round pedestal coffee table? It's gorgeous.

  16. Why so much white?

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE this home!

  18. wow! beautiful!! i'll do some of this in my home!

  19. The space has no unique feel to it and I feel like this gorgeous house could've looked way better.

  20. Everyone in the comment section has no taste, they probably live in beige boredom and think it's chic. This home is amazing and I would love just to walk through it and see all the details.

  21. The before is me in 10 years… The after is me now 😊

  22. The huge ceiling lamp in the hall looks really great.

  23. ME-Tube Your Space!


  24. very nice But i dont like all the walls white to me it draws u in to the things she has in the home instead of real beauty of the house if this make any sense to u..like yur videos thanks!

  25. That awkward moment when the house before is already gorgeous!

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