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Interior Design – A Classic & Contemporary Family Home

Designer Rachel Fox shares a family home that combines traditional silhouettes and contemporary decor for a timeless aesthetic. See how she mixes rich woods and warm tones with touches of black and unconventional antiques to create a classic and functional space.

The house’s palette is black and white, making it easy to layer in rich hits of color with accessories. An aqua blue bowl sits atop the round dining table that has a French-polish finish, and greenery adds brightness in almost every room. Art pops against the home’s white walls. The skylit kitchen has a subway tile backsplash, grey cabinetry and a Carrara marble island. The dining table is right next to the space, creating an eat-in kitchen perfect for family meals. The adjoined family room has a relaxed vibe, complete with a cozy fireplace and comfy leather chairs. Large black-framed windows flood the home with natural light to create an open feel throughout.

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  1. Anyone else annoyed by that one unstraightened curtain in the living room? Ahhhhhh.

  2. I think I will open up my own interior design and decor bussiness it looks rewarding fun exiting fresh. I love it.

  3. I love, love the kitchen!

  4. why does every designer on here overload every sitting area with too many pillows… they leave barely any room to sit..

  5. Beautiful color scheme 💙

  6. this is a truly beautiful home, BUT I feel like I've seen this style a million times. so I do like it, but I don't love it.

  7. Wait, wait, a black and white, and don't forget grey, palette? No way! Get out! Shut up! Seriously though, it's very nice. But, is anyone doing anything different. Between these YouTube videos and home improvement shows, it's almost become a parody of itself…

  8. 2 favorite things, Grey Powder Room & Blue Headboard.

  9. anyone knows what's the colour on the wall at 0:55? looks light blue. Is it Farrow & Ball?

  10. i wanna buy that desk

  11. This designer is a breath of fresh air!

  12. Eugenie Isaiah 41:10

    Hate the white sofa (looks wrinkled- it’s the only thing I would change).

  13. Flight Of Spice Blog

    We underestimate the power of our surroundings

  14. Whoa! This is spectacular without being too overwhelming. Very elegant!

  15. I am always glad to see designers respect the architecture of old houses instead of gutting them and changing them so something they never were.

  16. It's time to unsubscribe
    Almost all white theme design ideas of H&H is boring and repetitive

  17. wow! Awesome! I love it! The colors, textures, design.. all if it are just wonderful! GREAT job! Thanks for sharing your ideas. 🙂

  18. I love it! A house with nice bones, and a clean and bright interior that doesn't compete for your attention to the artistic pieces! Well done! Where can we contact this designer?

  19. love the master bed room!!

  20. In Canada does everyone pronounce the word 'project' as 'pro-ject'? Or is that something new?

  21. I love your style your personality everything is beautiful thank you so much. 😃👍👍

  22. Wow gorgeous! The kitchen is spectacular xxx

  23. I love this!

  24. Love it

  25. Muito bonito!

  26. Love it

  27. We just bought our first home. I really want renovate my kitchen. how do I contact you guys?

  28. Organized Planner Chic

    I love black and white, and the design of this home is amazing.

  29. i loved the blue floral cushions in the bedroom! really fresh and peaceful!

  30. bowring white yakhhhh

  31. ME-Tube Your Space!

    Ugh. Too much white this and that. This channel should be named "White Decor House & Home". LOL

  32. Luxxu Modern Design&Living

    Such a simple but awesome interior design and decor idea. Good job!


  33. I love that blue rug

  34. Beautiful!

  35. Fantastic! Such beautiful design.

  36. Absolutely gorgeous!

  37. Loved the pendant lighting over the kitchen island and dining room table!  Loved the pop of blue with the ottoman and rug underneath!  Thanks for sharing!  Cheers!  GGG

  38. Nothing new here. We've already seen this kind of house/style/decor a thousand times.

  39. Beautiful! 😍❤️