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Interior Design – A Bright & Airy Country Home Made For Entertaining

Designer and artist Jay Hodgins shares how he transformed a dated house in Prince Edward County into a bright and airy country home ideal for entertaining. See how he used reclaimed pieces and his own works of art to tie the space together seamlessly.

Shades of grey, white and cream are accented with vibrant artwork, pillows and throws. A coffee table from the 60s, that Jay found in a junk shop, centers the living room. The kitchen is designed around a vintage range he inherited from a client, and features plenty of seating options for friends to hang out. Jay also added a rustic wine cellar, converted a shed into a guest room, and created a large deck and screened-in porch surrounding the existing swimming pool.

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  1. Donna Leake BS CLC Life Coach

    Love your kitchen…has a bistro feel.

  2. Kimberley Brathwaite

    Love this! That pool tho whew

  3. your dreams come true


  5. Beautiful home. What a transfermation.

  6. Great work. And it shows a very tasteful style

  7. omg LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, it's so perfect.

  9. I absolutely LOVE your place. I don't even know where to begin! The big windows are fantastic, given your view, and natural light, to me, is everything! You have created a PERFECT backdrop for your wonderful art pieces, and I love your use of color and texture. The open, airy feeling of the place is great, and the deck/pool looks like it would be my fav place to hang out, too. I really think you did an amazing job turning your vision here into your reality. Thank you for many great ideas and inspiration! 🙂

  10. Wow! Your home is so beautiful and unique. I wish I could have a home like this.

  11. This is my most favorite of all the House & Home features. Genius gorgeous!

  12. Ooohh he is good!! Love it!!

  13. Finally a real designer with credentials who deals with and understands structure, plumbing and other mechanics not just throw pillows. The house looks fantastic.

  14. I love a home filled with "collections". The eclectic mix is my favorite style. This home is beautiful.

  15. OMgoodness – love it. I'd need a maid. lol Luuuurrrrrrve the pool. =D Love your creativity. Bless!

  16. Beautiful!!

  17. This guy is good.

  18. holy shit; how much does this guy make ? that pool blew me away….this is an awesome retreat house.

  19. Your paintings are awesome. Are they available at any gallery for sale?

  20. This property is just gorgeous and the design/décor is perfection. That screened in porch is amazing and my favorite part.

  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this house!!!

  22. I really love this design!

  23. What a beautiful home! everything looks amazing and inviting. Its amazing!

  24. Beautiful

  25. Beautiful

  26. Jay has done a great job with transforming the house into a lovely country-chic welcoming place1 really enjoyed watching the video!!!!

  27. Gorgeous. So we'll done!
    You should meet my brother Robert Norris of Spitzmiller and Norris. He is an architect.
    He's been on HGC T.V. His home has been published and many of his designs in major magazines.
    He is also a really nice person. Probably you would be able to assist each other work wise, but most likely would become friends.

  28. i love your home!

  29. Gorgeous

  30. Hey House & Home! Just wanted to let you know that you have BY FAR the best content and channel on YT, Thank you and greetings from Berlin!

  31. loved your design, very serene and the combination of styles mid century, creates a feel of efficiency place. I want to live in a place like that! Congrats.


  33. Love your videos 🙂

  34. An absolutely stunning home ❤️👌

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