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Interior Design – A Bohemian Modern Home With Pops Of Pattern

Tour an open-concept contemporary home by designer Montana Burnett that features a sleek black, white and blue color palette.

The white walls in the kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom provide a neutral backdrop for hits of cobalt blue, as seen on the kitchen island, bathroom vanity and living room textiles. To liven up the space, Montana brought in textured pieces, like a seagrass coffee table and Roman blinds, and a Beni Ourain shag rug. She also added personality with playful prints on throw pillows and upholstery. As the homeowner has two kids, Montana incorporated lots of closed and open storage on the main floor, including built-in cabinets, to hide toys. On the second floor, unexpected elements like matte black walls, a vibrant purple rug, a sliding barn door and patterned tiles add to the boho-chic aesthetic.

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  1. Love almost everything, except the coffee table. It's just too small.

  2. I laughed when I read the negative comment about the tasseled shower curtain. I liked it so much that I am going to copy the idea. Let's remember that because something is not to our taste does not make it bad. We all like different things.

  3. Meh. Wasn't really boho, wasn't all that modern, it was just a bunch of things from HomeSense, Ikea and RH tied together with blue, white and beige. It's undercooked and looks like the house of every single one of my friends who have decent taste but not the finesse (or time) to make it magazine-worthy.

  4. HI ATTAN designer Montana Burnett WHEN DID FOOD NETWORK SIGN YOU


  6. multiple young kids + all white decor = yeah right
    i like the look of this space — all white tends to look very sophisticated and the little touches give it the 'bohemian' element — but it looks really unrealistic for a home with young children.

  7. Nice, but tables all seem to have sharp edges – not kid friendly.

  8. I would not call this Bohemian either. It is too bare and too cold with all that white. Way too much white! The blue only heightens the whiteness. Not good. But, if the owners are happy with it, that's all that counts.

  9. Lovely to watch but had to mute it.

  10. The design looks cheap

  11. Karla Dreyer Design

    What a beautiful space – love it!!

  12. orange moonglows

    every other statement is a statement/question.

  13. Yes unfinished, the coffee table seem quite small for the space

  14. The tasseled fringe hanging over the shower curtain is awful and detracts from what is actually a lovely bathroom. It is funny the designer said she wanted the house to be more playful because in its current state the house does not reflect that there are two young children living there! Like other comments there needs to be more color and warmth.

  15. I would love if you showed the kids room please.

  16. I love the bath room and dining room. Good combination!

  17. This is beautiful!! I love it:)

  18. Yeah love the dining table…where's it from?

  19. Can someone tell me what chairs that are?!!!?!?!?!

  20. what is your take on white grout in the bathroom ?

  21. oh the designer had got a long hair, she becomes even more prettier!

  22. This feels unfinished to me. It is too stark to be called Bohemian. Even Bohemian modern. It needs more warm color, more art, more comfort, and some of the pieces just are not scaled right for the space.

  23. Love the dining room table, anyone know where it is from?

  24. great structure and space but seriously needs more colour to inject some energy, some life, some character. it makes me laugh how proud she is of the minimal use of the navy. getting bored of how predominantly white all the interiors in these videos are tbh

  25. Nice video, but why would you paint an entire room black?

  26. Gorgeous x

  27. Except for the bedroom, it looks more naval themed than Bohemian.

  28. Love it

  29. conejitoasesinoOG

    there is nothing Bohemian about this

  30. ME-Tube Your Space!

    Not bad! Though, I'm not crazy about the white theme of the space, but love the decor, organization, pattern and the minimalism in each space.

  31. So gorgeous!!

  32. Ignacio Martínez Argüello

    Some details were nice, but I feel like I´ve seen this type of decor over and over already… so whenever I hear the word "unexpected" I'm like… NO