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Interior Design – 6 Easy Bathroom Updates To Avoid A Renovation

Want to update your bathroom without committing to a complete redesign? Reiko Caron shares quick and easy ways to add style and functionality to your space.

Reiko was working with a small condo bathroom with a built-in laundry room that was brand new, but poorly laid out. By upgrading the fixtures and lighting, creating more storage, and adding decorative features, Reiko was able to create a bathroom that looks better and works harder for the homeowners. See how she did it in six easy steps!

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  1. Kamalpreet Singhania

    what the eff is that bathroom (before)?! lol…

  2. I wish she'd say where that tall skinny shelf is from.

  3. "avoid a renovation"
    gets a new sink

  4. Can u guide on how to create a capsule toilet. I want to enclose the commode in a closed chamber

  5. Outstanding very awesome bathroom

  6. Vanessa Thomas

    Unless the wood shelf is made of water-proof material—a no no and the color and style is at odds with the rest of the bath's design.

  7. I think that sink was meant to be a urinal lmao

  8. Good makeover! I have exactly the same problem. A new bathroom with boing tiles and no storage space. We will change a sink too, rest is in details. Black details against white tiles, and a loft looking light.

  9. Is this like the ikea Chanel ?

  10. Women designers eh. What would us men do without see through plastic boxes in drawers. Now fuck off and get some washing up done!

  11. Adding unnecessary clutter is not my idea of fixing. Some make sense but most don’t. It’s always women who like buying unnecessary sh*t for a living.

  12. Except for the height of the bathroom sink lol

  13. "Swapping out the door wouldn't have been a quick fix" – but changing the vanity and doing all the plumbing associated with it would be?

  14. If you wonder why the sink is so low. It is useful for those using wheelchair. The hanging sink make it wheelchair friendly where they can easily slide their wheelchair under.

  15. Nice! Where can I find a skinny cabinet like that?

  16. That bathroom was designed for a wheelchair person; you really messed it up!

  17. Wao it's not looking a bathroom it's like a room

  18. c vraiment magnifique👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

  19. Wood rack in the shower area is a really bad and impractical idea

  20. How is that a new bathroom without a GFCI outlet?

  21. That red box is awful. 🙁

  22. I'm going to say the original sink was for a kids bathroom. I've seen that before

  23. Marjorie Alcantara

    Love love love it!!