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Interior Design — 4 Tips To Create A Sophisticated Home Office

Designer Hilary Ramsay outlines how to design an elegant home office. Discover her formula for creating an ultra-feminine, pink space that feels sleek rather than sweet.

Hilary used a neutral color palette as a backdrop, and brought in pink, rose and mauve in the decor. When choosing furniture, she kept things consistent with circular motifs, found in the base of the desk, the pendant and the faceted front of the console table. Luxurious linen and velvet fabrics add interest, as does textured wallpaper behind the built-in credenza. A mix of metals offer a touch of glam, from the drapery hardware and coffee table to the accessories.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/4-tips-create-sophisticated-home-office/


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  1. Yes. You did it! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the soft colours with the gold and the brass along with the circles inject an "inviting glam" to the space.

  2. The room's beautifully designed and serene. I'm afraid not much work will be accomplished there.


  4. gold metals give it an 80's vibe. dark metal would of been better

  5. Lovely, ladylike.

  6. Zhengzheng Wiley

    Where did the draperies come from?

  7. Veronica Hernandez

    i wonder why she chose a rectangular table instead of circle to continue the theme

  8. Beautiful 👌🏼

  9. How many sq meters is this room please?

  10. Looks like something out of the seventies.

  11. It needs a cooler or darker color to balance the rose

  12. I love it!

  13. Luxe Home Junkie

    This is gorgeous! I did a review of another cozy home office: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R1nsIKHGtg

  14. Wear can i find that rug. Ive been looking for the same one for my living room

  15. I love it. And I’m usually a black, white, and gray girl. It’s def reminiscent of the 80s, but in a good way.

  16. Very Nice video…Thanks for posting…All the tips were brilliantly covered. I liked the rug that you have showcased…Truly, a rug is great way to add comfort and warmth to any room. Recenly, I bought a beautiful rug for my home from deluxerugsncarpets.com.au and it has given my living room a new life.

  17. That desk is stunning! The whole room is stunning

  18. This colour palette is doing something weird to me. Almost like a nails-on-chalkboard effect, I feel compelled to adjust my screen settings to stop it from being so muted.

  19. So so beautiful

  20. Political Twinkie

    If not told, I would have never guessed it was an office.  I like the space more so when I could see the textures betters.

  21. SummertimeSadness


  22. D Ishappywithlife

    80's retirement home. I agree with another comment, It's from the show "Golden Girls." Where do you get these designers? Gosh this was old looking….House & Home up your game!! I found this amazing channel in the USA 🇺🇸 that kicks your ass in terms of design…. revamp your magazine and channel!!

  23. love that rug what is it and where can I get it?

  24. Where is the beautiful chair from? Very beautiful and sophisticated home office.

  25. varshini karthik

    It’s pretty, but I would be suffocated to be surrounded by the overwhelming pastel shades

  26. Ever Evolving with EC

    I’m in love! I thought this was a living room, but I still love it, the color scheme came together so nicely!

  27. Very beautiful calm yet elegant!

  28. This is sooo classy

  29. I'm in love with this room and the colour palette. Very well done and thank you for sharing your tips. Very helpful indeed.

  30. I wish you guys would add links on where we can buy the items you show on each video.

  31. Beautiful job!!! ⭐

  32. Design, Hilary Ramsay. Sofa, ElteMkt; Rug, Floor Lamp, Elte; Sconces, Black Rooster Decor; Pendant Light, Serena & Lily; Drapes, Tonic Living; Throw Pillows, Homesense, Custom; Jonathan Adler Swivel Chair, Black Rooster Decor; Paint Color, Emerging Taupe (Sherwin Williams); Wallpaper, Kravet; Credenza, Custom; Round Ottomans, Custom; Distant Rain Print, Minted; Pink Feathers Art, Black Rooster Decor; Desk, Coffee Table, Side Table, Bernhardt; Desk Chair, CB2.

  33. What is that paint color?!

  34. thokchom praveena

    I really love this one… ❤️❤️❤️ amazingly done

  35. pretty but too simple for me…and I AM A VERY SIMPLE PERSON LOL

  36. TheStylishEngineVLOG

    Hey beautiful people please visit my eBay Store for great home decor items and friendly reliable customer service. Thank you see you soon xx

  37. Is this the latest thing now which the very young seemingly share with their grandparents, this adoption of the early 80s style (Golden Girls kind of, as someone else already mentioned)? I don´t get it. This seems so old-fashioned (maybe I am, who knows). However, I will not be forced to live in that space. She seems so enthusiastic (maybe the client is older?). If the client likes it, then everybody is satisfied.

  38. Love the Jonathan Adler Velvet chair!

  39. SweetFace Soraya

    My dream living room, This looks Amazing!!

  40. In the end, what matters is what the client likes. However, for me the colors look very clinical. It's very monotone and lacks creativity.

    I don't think as the designer actually paid 'attention to details', instead it looks like a boring furniture showroom display.

  41. Tip 1 how to create a sophisticated office space: be rich.

    I still love it tho

  42. Wow! Definitely not for me but I appreciate the beauty of this design. Love it.

  43. Chocolate Ganacher

    That rug??!! OBSESSED.

  44. I love it!!!! I've been into pink decor more often.

  45. Alexis Colby style. Sickening.

  46. HI I do have these nice coffe table but I don't like the base what I should do to update without change it..appreciate any help thank you