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Interior Design 101: Where To Start Decorating or Redesiging Your Home

INTERIOR DESIGN: Ready to decorate or redesign your home for the New Year???? The Southern Girl shares her tips….Interior Design 101: Where to Start Decorating Your home:)

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  1. Gail Cleveland

    Where is Southern Girl Interiors today (2019)? I need some updates. HELP!!!

  2. LaVena McKeever

    Love love love the tip on picking interior paint colors !!! Brilliant!! I think now I’ll be able to chose a color 😉

  3. Hi there, thank you for these tips. I spied your dinning room curtains, could you share where I can find such a beautiful type of treatment?

  4. Andrea Retzloff

    Oh thank you for these great tips!!

  5. Ok I'm a guy and I'm trying to redo my entire house..I think I did an awesome job! Could you do a Vlog on decorating a living room and bedroom for a guy😊

  6. Bessie Ruttley

    Where did you find the duvet cover in the video with your master bedroom

  7. Valarie Housley

    Luv this channel, thank you soooo very much.

  8. I love your tips! I really think you could do a full video on all the subtopics addressed within this video, such as the budget or discovering your style.

  9. Hi, I really enjoy your presentations. The information you present is clear, concise and practical. Your vibrant personality really shines and makes a person feel happy about their existing home, ideas and future renovations. Ok here are some suggestions: In 2017 perhaps you can add some shows that feature concepts such as adding plants, floor treatments, window treatments or how to add art. Also, more of your education videos (like the history one or the trends). Thank you !

  10. I can't wait to see your advice on choosing paint! I just found your channel and subscribed.

  11. I truly enjoyed the video. I love that paint color in your foyer. What color is that?

  12. I started watching your videos when you installed your foyer flooring – it still looks great!

  13. yes girl yes

  14. I love it.

  15. Hi Chantee!! Great tips and advice!! Looking forward to your upcoming videos as well!! Tfs, Liza :))

  16. Excellent advice. Love the picture behind you.

  17. great tips ! tfs

  18. Belated Happy New Year! Great to see you back. Loved your tips.

  19. Trell of all Trades

    Great tips!!!